Let’s get one thing clear, right off the bat. 

A group of people meditates on mats with the text “find some visualization, meditation and breathing exercises that you enjoy that also relieve anxiety”. Learn how an anxiety therapist in Fair Oaks, CA can offer support in overcoming stress.

When you’re anxious, your brain feels like it’s been hijacked. This makes it hard to think rationally. It’s extremely challenging to not get caught up in the high-pressure stream and carried away.

Take the following tips, and practice them when you’re not anxious. Take a picture of them with your phone; make it your home screen if you’d like. 

That way, when anxiety does show up, you’re ready to diffuse it.

1. Drink a glass of water

Did you know dehydration can make you anxious? It can be hard to remember to get enough water, so when you are anxious fill up your glass, and slowly and mindfully drink. This may not be enough on its own – in fact it probably won’t be, but at least you’re getting some much-needed fluids.

2. Practice Box Breathing

Picture a box. As you inhale, in your mind’s eye, draw the box, taking it corner by corner as you inhale. Then hold the breath, doing the same thing. You’re drawing a box with your mind’s eye. Then do the same for the exhale, exhale for four. Do this over and over. You can picture yourself drawing the box on a chalkboard, or in the air, with one of those sparklers you probably enjoyed as a kid on the 4th of July. 

3. Practice a Guided Visualization

Apps like Calm have a ton of meditations and guided visualizations. But you can also find them for free, on YouTube. Find some you enjoy when you’re feeling fine, so that you have them lined up and ready when anxiety strikes.

4. Exercise

Take a walk, preferably in nature. Breathe in the scents, full belly breaths. Mindfully take in the scenery around you; the colors of the leaves in fall, the variety of flowers in the spring. 

If you don’t have time for a walk, put on your favorite song and dance. Let loose! Get out of your head and into your body; into the music. 

5. Journal

Journal what you’re feeling. Really let it all out – all caps, if needed. If you’re able to pinpoint what could be contributing to your anxiety, great. If not, no worries. Remind yourself that even though you’re feeling this way, it doesn’t define you. You’re still you, and have the ability to work and move through this in the same way you do when faced with any other challenge.

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help

6. Sleep

Sleep, the unsung hero of our lives. Strive to get a good night’s rest. Be protective about your sleep. Take a warm bath before bed, sip herbal tea and wind down with a book. Sometimes, a hot water bottle can add that extra bit of comfort. 

If you find yourself lying awake or waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall asleep, practice a relaxing meditation. Be calm and still. Breathe, and rest. Anxiety may try and whisk you away, but practice your breathing. Watch your anxious thoughts, as if they’re just clouds, drifting past.

7. Diet & Exercise

A group of older adults walks together on a trail with walking sticks and the text “meeting a friend for a walk is an excellent way to exercise”. Learn how an anxiety therapist in Fair oaks, CA can offer support in addressing anxiety.

It’s no secret that eating healthy nourishing foods and movement – it doesn’t matter what kind – help minimize anxiety, and increase your overall well being. There are all sorts of exercises you can do at home with no equipment on YouTube, from yoga to HIIT. In addition, meeting a friend for a walk is an excellent way to exercise, and comes with the added benefit of socializing. Something else that’s good for you. 

8. Learn to Say No

Let’s say it all together… on the count of three… No is a word many people have a hard time uttering, and as a result, spread themselves too thin.

Think about things in your life you can let go of. Declutter. Be ruthless, and channel Marie Kondo’s wisdom. If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s ok to say no. It’s ok to let it go.

9. Therapy

Therapy is an excellent resource. If you feel as though your anxiety is starting to rev up, gathering momentum like wildfire, don’t try and fight it alone.

Therapy is an excellent resource. Your therapist will not only share practical tools to lessen the severity, they will also work with you to see what’s causing it in the first place. 

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