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Pre Marital Counseling

Relationship Therapy Center offers premarital counseling with caring therapists in the greater Sacramento area, including Roseville and Fair Oaks, CA

Premarital Counseling

Set Your Future Together on the Right Path!

  • Are you busy taking care of all the details of your wedding? Would you expect that to go well without all the planning and money you are putting into it?

  • With a 50% divorce rate are you prepared to be the couple who stays together?

  • Have you considered all the issues that come up in marriages and talked about them?

  • What if you could walk into your marriage or long-term commitment knowing that you are fully prepared for the potential pitfalls of marriage?

Invest in Your Future Marriage Not Just the Wedding.

According to a survey published in the Journal of Family Psychology, couples with premarital counseling stated that they had higher levels of marital satisfaction and also experienced a 30 percent decline in the likelihood of divorce over five years.

This is What You Will Talk About in Therapy Before Marriage

  • How to prepare for marriage or should we get married?

  • Discussing big topics like money, sex, kids and parenting

  • Learning communication and conflict resolution skills

  • Understanding potential triggers from family of origin

  • Discuss values, goals, and life pursuits

  • Learn to compromise so the typical power struggles of the first years go better

  • Discuss holidays, traditions, family time with in laws, etc and how to set up boundaries

  • How to keep investing in each other while building careers and families

  • Learn how to keep fun, romance and sex in the relationship

  • What are the differences in your temperaments and love languages

  • And many more questions and issues that come up


Many People Consider Couples Therapy Before Marriage as Insurance for Their Future Marriage

The average wedding will cost $12,000-15,000. Premarital counseling costs 1-2% of this amount.

How to Get the Most from Premarital Counseling

If you are considering seeking Roseville Premarital Counseling to boost your relationship and you want to invest in your marriage, you’re going to want to take your premarital classes seriously. Here is how you can get the most out of pre-marriage counseling.

  • Be open to what you might learn: Even if you don’t think you “need” therapy, haven’t been before, keep an open mind.. Many people mistakenly think therapy is only for when things are wrong. Not so. Even professional athletes have coaches and what we know about relationships is learned from what was modeled to us (good or bad), what we hear in music and see in movies. Be open to what scientists have discovered about what works in relationships and discover the best way to strengthen your bond. We use the evidenced based Gottman Method to show you what works in relationships.

  • Celebrate what works in your bond: It’s not all about finding what’s wrong, you will also have some fun with temperament assessments, love language assessments, getting to know more about each other to deepen the connection and learn to keep that alive in your marriage.

  • Embrace the process: Your therapist isn’t there to judge you or pick apart your relationship. We are here to help you identify weak spots and to help you be the best person you can be for each other.

We went for premarital counseling, largely to make sure we were making a good decision getting married.
We had already been mindful of some potential barriers in our relationship, but our therapist helped us explore further areas, challenge our assumptions, and reconcile differences we didn’t know existed before.
I highly recommend going, and plan to return for any additional sessions we may need.
— Michael H

Should only people who are getting married come to premarital counseling?

People who are deciding on moving in together or moving to the next stage of committed relationships could also benefit from counseling.


How long does premarital counseling last?

Usually premarital counseling can be accomplished in as little as 3-6 sessions depending on the couple. This will be tailored to the specific couple. You can review my marriage counseling page to see what other issues might come up.

What if one of both of us have been married before?

It can still be very important to come in. Many people notice patterns that they have in relationships and will continue those patterns if not addressed. It’s also important especially if children are involved because blending families comes with its own set of issues. You can really benefit your next marriage by coming in before you are remarried.

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Premarital Counseling in Fair Oaks, CA or Roseville, CA


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