Infidelity Counseling

Has a Betrayal or An Affair Created Havoc in Your Relationship?

  • Your partner had an affair.

  • Now, you’ve found out about all the lies and you’re not sure how you can trust them again.

  • You’re not sure if you can ever forgive your partner for their infidelity.

  • You wonder if you can move forward in your relationship or if you should be done with your relationship?

  • Or maybe, you had an affair, and you feel very guilty. You want to fix your relationship, but you’re not sure how.

It can be devastating to learn that your partner has betrayed you. Whatever form it takes, regardless of if it was an emotional or physical affair, it feels like a kick in the gut. You may feel like you can never forgive or trust them again. You’re feeling lots of emotions: anger, shock, hurt, sadness, anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, humiliation, and embarrassment. In fact, many people think to themselves “I’m so stupid, how could I not have known.” Now, you feel isolated and alone. You’re unsure about the future of your relationship.

The rate of infidelity in relationships is growing due to modern technology

Infidelity is not a new phenomenon in relationships. But, modern technology may be contributing to an increase in physical and emotional affairs. Meetup Apps, internet pornography, and social media are available 24/7. These allow people to become physically and emotionally intimate with complete strangers or past flings. While this is not an excuse for an affair, it helps to explain why so many couples are dealing with infidelity today. The rate of women having affairs has gone up as well because many women work outside the home.

You found about the affair. Now, you’re not sure what to do.

Maybe your partner says, “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. Can we just move on?” I’ve already answered your questions.” “Why can’t you just let it go?” But you can’t forget about it. Because their affair is haunting your thoughts. Anger overwhelms you, and you feel out of control. You keep wondering how this could have happened. Now, you want to know your partner’s whereabouts at all times because you can’t trust them to be where they say they are.

What you may not realize is these are all symptoms of trauma. And these feelings must be acknowledged by both partners before healing can begin.

Infidelity Counseling

What if I was the one who had the affair?

Infidelity counseling can help you and your relationship.

The Phases of Infidelity Counseling:

Infidelity Counseling: Phase One – Reducing Stress

Infidelity Counseling

The beginning stage of infidelity counseling focuses on reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress for the betrayed partner. As we mentioned before, an affair causes trauma in a relationship and the partner who was betrayed can show symptoms of PTSD.

This phase requires a lot of patience by the person who had the affair. They must be willing to hear repetitive questions about the affair and answer openly and honestly. Even if these questions are difficult or painful. The whole truth must come out. How this partner responds will greatly influence how effective counseling is.

Eventually, the betrayed person feels they have heard the full truth, the couple can move on to the next phase of counseling.

Infidelity Counseling: Phase Two – Rebuilding

Infidelity Counseling: Phase Three – Finding Intimacy

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Does couples counseling after cheating really work?

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Infidelity Counseling

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