Child Therapy

You’re worried about your child.

You’ve realized that your child is struggling emotionally or academically in school. 

You have noticed that your son or daughter isn’t acting like themselves. All of a sudden they’re angry, stressed, sad, or restless. 

Your child has experienced trauma and you’re looking for support to help them cope with the emotions they’re experiencing.

Your family is going through a transition like a divorce, loss of a loved one, or a move. 

As a parent, there’s nothing worse than watching your child struggle or feeling like you can’t help them. Often when children have experienced things that upset them, they can’t express what they’re thinking and experiencing. So, they act out or become withdrawn. It’s their way of coping.

Unlike adults, children can’t sit down and talk about what they’re thinking or feeling. That’s where child counseling and play therapy come in. Children’s natural language is play, it’s how they express themselves. There is so much progress that can be made during play therapy and that’s why it is the therapeutic approach of choice amongst mental health professionals.

What is play therapy? 

Play therapy

What mental health concerns can be treated with therapy for children and play therapy?

Working with a Child Therapist Matters

The first step in successful child counseling is building trust. That’s why it’s very important your child has the opportunity to work with a child therapist. A therapist who specializes in working with children should be skilled at building a relationship with young children and creating a safe environment for them to express themselves. At the relationship therapy center, we have child therapists on our staff who are experienced play therapists. This means that they have gone through extensive training on how to best help children and preteens process their feelings and thoughts through play. 

What happens during therapy for children and play therapy?

Play therapy is very individualized to meet the needs of the children that come to counseling. As a therapist gets to know their client, they will learn their likes and dislikes. The children will be presented with a variety of activities, games, and toys to play with. These may include things like a sand tray, dolls, board games, puzzles, art supplies, and more. As children explore our playroom they will gradually act (or possibly) draw the things that are bothering them, giving their therapist insight into what happened and how they could help.

Often negative thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences, traumas, and/or beliefs about themselves, have fueled the concerning behaviors. Holding negative things inside takes a lot of energy from your child, energy which they could use to learn new skills.

Therapy for children and play therapy

Sand Tray Therapy

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Child Counseling

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