Tom Paderna

Tom Paderna

Registered Psychological Associate #94025704
Supervised by Tracy M. Weyer, Psy.D #26379
Tom sees individuals, couples, treats trauma and does our weekend Gottman intensives in CA
Locations: Fair Oaks, CA and Roseville, CA

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About Tom Paderna

“We are all going through something.” – Anonymous.

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unable to move forward and live your best life?

Oftentimes it’s about your relationships, communicating with your partner, major decisions, or facing life’s unexpected challenges. Every so often it can even be those long-standing issues that you’ve been able to deal with, but this time, you just need a little help.

To be human is to be in a relationship. Relationships can be with your spouse or partner, with your family, with Yourself, or even with your community. We were born social creatures. When relationships are working, we’re able to live our happiest life. Relationships can heal. But sometimes, because they are so important to us, relationships can also hurt.

After decades in the technology field, I changed careers because I found that helping others be the best versions of themselves was more rewarding than any other work in my life. I feel very fortunate to have discovered my calling, and love what I do.

As an empathetic intellectual, I first strive to understand who you are and how a lifetime of relationships came to shape who you are. Then together build a roadmap to a better life using your strengths.

I’ve been in the field for over five years of psychology training, in community mental health settings, neighborhood non-profits, high schools, in hospitals and in in-patient facilities helping people with serious mental illness, addiction and poverty.

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