Anxiety Treatment

  • You feel like you are always stressed out.
  • Having anxiety attacks is becoming exhausting.
  • Sometimes, you wake up in the morning not looking forward to the day. You’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • Your anxiety taking a toll on your body, making your muscles tense, and creating the feeling that you can’t take a deep breath.
  • You’re constantly worrying about money, family or other issues.
  • You have racing, Illogical thoughts that won’t go away even though you’ve tried everything to get rid of them.
  • You can’t sleep because you’re thinking about all the terrible things that might happen?
If you frequently find yourself feeling worried, stressed and fearful, you may be suffering from anxiety. These symptoms of anxiety impact your thoughts, emotions, and physical health. But, you can find help for your anxiety in therapy.

The Symptoms of Anxiety Make Life Hard

The Symptoms of Anxiety Make Life Hard
Dealing with anxiety can be an exhausting and isolating experience. Whether it’s general anxiety or a fear of something specific, anxiety can take a major toll on your wellbeing. Anxiety can cause your mind to spin in circles. It can force you to constantly think of all the possible terrible situations that might happen to you or your loved ones. Anxiety causes us to live in a “fight or flight” state. This can make it impossible to rest or relax. If you have anxiety, you may have a great deal of difficulty trusting others, because you feel like you constantly have to be in control. Even when you’re completely exhausted, it can still feel really impossible to let things go.

Anxiety is common

Some forms of anxiety disorders include:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorders: This form of anxiety is characterized by constantly worrying about a variety of different things all day, every day. You rarely feel calm and relaxed. Anxiety is so much a part of your life that, if left untreated, you may forget what it’s like to have a “normal” day.
  • Panic Attack: The physical symptoms of a panic attack include shortness of breath, sudden nausea, numbness in the hands, and a racing heart. These symptoms can be intense and scary, in fact, may people feel like they might be dying. Even if you have never suffered from a panic attack, you may still be experience a level of anxiety that is harmful to your mind, body, and emotions.
  • Phobias: A phobia is a persistent and unrealistic fear of an object or a situation. You may go very far out of your way to avoid the thing that terrify you.
Anxiety is common

With Anxiety Treatment, You Can Feel More At Ease and In Charge of Your Life. You Can Stop the Thoughts That Cause Anxiety.

With Anxiety Treatment, You Can Feel More At Ease and In Charge of Your Life. You Can Stop the Thoughts That Cause Anxiety.
Anxiety treatment focuses on listening to your body and learning how to recognize anxiety symptoms before they “take over”. In sessions, you will learn and practice coping techniques to manage stress and “what if” thinking. Learning to replace anxious thoughts with realistic and mindful self-talk can make what you are worrying about seem much more manageable. The therapists at the Relationship Therapy Center can help you understand how to manage worries and tension and help you develop methods of soothing your body and mind. Our therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat anxiety. CBT has been proven to be very effective.

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