Careers at Relationship Therapy Center

“Working for Nancy Ryan, LMFT, has been a wonderful change in my career. Nancy’s leadership and commitment to the office culture has created an atmosphere of safety, growth, respect, and kindness. Nancy’s down to earth approach to customer care combined with her business savviness has helped RTC grow as a company. I feel blessed and grateful to work for a therapist and businesswoman who values staying in touch with her employees, encourages work life balance, and is driven to make choices for the business that will benefit the team as a whole. Working for Nancy is an honor, and she has helped me grow as a therapist in so many ways. I am so thankful!”

– Jennifer Neito

Careers at Relationship Therapy Center

Relationship Therapy Center (Roseville/Fair Oaks/Virtual) is an awesome place to work for our staff and therapists who provides effective, excellent results oriented therapy for clients. We strive to be the best therapists in Fair Oaks, CA and Roseville, CA and have the best client experience.

Our team provides incredible clinical support, professional development training, and takes care of all the marketing and business needs, so our therapists get to focus on doing THERAPY, not case management or paperwork!

Our caseloads are full, we support each other and focus on providing exceptional couples counseling using the evidenced based Gottman Method but also serve children, teens, and individuals with a variety of evidenced based modalities.

Each clinician also enjoys areas of specialties including: ACT, DBT, CPT, EMDR, Brain Spotting, Hypnotherapy, Art, Play and Sand Tray Therapy and treats Trauma, Eating Disorders, Grief, Addiction and other individual therapies.


  • Focus on therapy without any marketing or business tasks
  • Quality training/support in evidence based therapy with professional development funds
  • Case consultation and weekly training
  • Excellent, motivated, and appreciative clients
  • Supportive, high-achieving, fun, and professional team
  • Flexible schedule and vacation time
  • 401k
  • Health Benefits
  • Dental, Vision and Life

Great Opportunity

AND we’ve created an environment and culture where the lion’s share of your time is spent doing exactly what you love. . . DOING THERAPY!

We have fun together and have a great environment to work in!

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RTC Therapists at Smash
RTC Therapists at Smash
RTC therapists at Top Golf
RTC therapists at Top Golf
Therapists giving back to homeless
Therapists giving back to homeless

“Working for RTC has been a great experience. For example, feeling supported is a huge deal for me, and the dream of having a mentor and supervisor that cares about my growth ensures that I will be ready as a licensed MFT. Also, a hallmark of RTC is guidance and coaching from peers to the owner herself giving you the confidence you need to work with couples. Working with others that value you is a huge strength of RTC and the environment that RTC upholds. Lastly, working with couples and having the opportunity to see families, couples, and individuals heal within their relationships is rewarding.”

– Jennifer Hastings, AMFT

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