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Relationship Therapy Center provides experienced counseling for couples, individuals, and families in the Sacramento area, including Roseville, CA and Fair Oaks, CA


Relationship Therapy Center

Helping Couples, Families and Individuals Succeed

Do you feel stuck in your life or your relationships?

Are you facing trust issues, disconnection and communication problems in your marriage?

Are you stressed or anxious?

Have you tried to fix this on your own and it’s not working?

Life is Hard and It’s Easy to Get Off Track………..There's Hope, We Can Help!

Our licensed, caring therapists are here to help you with:

The relationship with YOURSELF…..whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, addictions, codependency (not setting boundaries and overextending yourself), or just not sure how to reach your goals.

The relationship with your SPOUSE OR PARTNER….feeling disconnected and alone, fighting too much or ineffectively, betrayals of trust or infidelity, differences in ways to handle money, sex, and parenting, etc.

The relationship with an EX OR SOON TO BE EX…..what if we don’t want to hate each over after the divorce, what if we have children and still have to co-parent?

The relationship with your FAMILY…..fighting with the teens, not sure how to be the best parent, is your marriage suffering because of family fights, a blended family with step-parents and step-kids making things complicate, have hard feelings put family members at a distance?

You’re In The Right Place If You:

  • You’re ready to make a change or get unstuck and you haven’t figured out how to do that

  • You want good relationships with others but it’s not happening

  • You want a solid or exceptional marriage/relationship with your significant other

  • You have tried to do this on your own but seem to be spinning your wheels

  • You are sick and tired of being in the place you are in

  • You crave connection and want a richer life with people

How We Help:

The relationship with YOURSELF…Learn self-care that isn’t selfish but self loving, have the self-esteem and belief in yourself to accomplish your goals, have emotional regulation skills to know what to do with your emotions, have a healthy thought life so you can achieve your goals and feel good, have healthy coping skills to stay free of destructive behaviors, be your best you to attract a healthy partner or be a great partner, feel connected and cared about in a safe space where you are heard, understood and provided guidance for your life.

The relationship with your SPOUSE OR PARTNER…Learn what a healthy marriage/partnership is about, gain tools to communicate effectively and clear out past resentments, connect on a deeper level and build emotional intimacy, have great feelings of love and passion, get your needs met in ways that work for both of you, learn to compromise, forgive and heal, get on the same page by you both being heard and understood. Have an exceptional marriage.

The relationship with an EX OR SOON TO BE EX…have a safe space to talk about whether you want to be together anymore or not and if you don’t, how to uncouple in a dignified way that honors what you have had together. If already exes, whether court ordered or not, learn to communicate in a way that is helpful to both parties, learn to co-parent in a way that helps your child flourish, or get support for your children through the divorce.

The relationship with your FAMILY… Learn to parent effectively for family harmony, help teens with coping mechanisms to avoid substance abuse, learn how to best be a blended family that respects and cares for one another, reconnect strained and distant family connections in a safe space.

Things are about to get easier, you are about to be a little less alone.
Let us help your healing!

Schedule an appointment or call 916-426-2757 for a 15 min Free Consultation.

We have two offices in the Greater Sacramento area to serve you. We have counseling in Roseville, CA and we have counseling in Fair Oaks, CA. In Roseville, CA we are located on Harding Blvd., near Lead Hill and in Fair Oaks, CA we are located in Fair Oaks Village with our favorite chickens.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

You can have healthy relationships with increased connection and communication.


Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Increase confidence, reduce anxiety, depression and live your best life.




Help with divorce and co-parent counseling.