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Trauma Therapy

You May Feel Stuck or Lost After Trauma

What is Relational Trauma? Why Does It Hurt So Much?

In a couple, individual PTSD can show up as a partner not being able to accept affection. They may seem numb and emotionally disconnected. This can come across as being overly controlling or really compliant. A traumatized partner may have angry outbursts for seemingly no reason, taking out their trauma out on you. After trauma, your partner might not really be invested in the future anymore. Most people experience loss of trust in anyone and feeling like the world is not safe.

Of course, this can have a major negative impact on your relationship. So, in therapy, we teach you both the skills to work through the trauma together. You can be emotionally attune to your partner with PTSD and make them feel safe again. In fact, you can help with their healing. We will help you build connection and work on processing the issue so you finally feel like a team. Finally, we will learn about their triggers to help avoid and work through them together.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Treatment at The Relationship Therapy Center


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