Teen Therapy

You’re concerned about your teen’s behavior.

Lately, your son or daughter seems more irritable, depressed, or anxious

Your teen is having trouble in school. They don’t seem to be getting along with their peers and that’s left you feeling very concerned.

Adolescence is hard even in the best of situations. Teenagers face a combination of societal pressure, peer pressure, and academic pressure. Then, you add all of the changes they’re facing right now and everything going on in the world around them. At times, the stress can be debilitating. Your child is old enough to have their own thoughts, opinions, and identity. However, they still need guidance and support from you as their parent or caretaker. They may want independence, but they’re not quite ready for it yet. And, on top of it all, they are trying to create their own identity and figure out their place in the world. So, It’s no wonder so many teens experience mental health struggles.

Common issues that bring teens to counseling:

Teen Therapy

Your Teen’s Brain is Not Fully Developed Yet

Our Approach to Teen Therapy in California

Teen Therapy
The types of treatments we use during counseling depend on the issues your teen is having and the goals we have for therapy. During your child’s intake appointment, you will be given a chance to meet with their therapist. At this consultation, you can express your concerns and identify some things you would like them to work on in counseling. In the first couple of sessions, your teen and their therapist will work on identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. They will also create a set of goals for therapy. Once your teen has established a relationship with their therapist they will be encouraged to talk about and process the things that are bothering them. They will learn and practice positive coping skills and mindfulness techniques.

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A Note About Confidentiality and Teen Therapy:

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Teen Therapy

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