Catherine Pollard, LMFT

Catherine Pollard, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #146224
Catherine works with children, individuals, couples, coparents and families.
Locations: Fair Oaks, CA, Roseville, CA and Online Therapy

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About Catherine Pollard

Your struggling with grief and it seems like the world has continued to go on.

You find yourself stuck or doing the same things over and over again.

You are tired of not being on the same page with your partner and are growing more and more distant.

You are contemplating divorce and not sure if you should stay or go

This is true for many people and I am so glad you are here. There is a way through and I would love to join you on your journey. You will find a compassionate, supportive guide who walks with you and to the other side where there is hope and healing.

We will work together in a safe, supportive environment, while I teach you skills to address problematic issues as well as relationships more effectively. I have many years of experience working with adults, teens, and children and we can work together to process grief, improve your anxiety or depression, help you with your personal life and the relationships in your life. As a former hospice grief counselor I specialize in helping people through loss. We have a child play therapy room for the younger one’s which include games, art therapy and ways to process in a child’s language. While teens often can be helped with their anxiety, depression, school, family and peer issues, with therapy directed towards their age group.

If you find yourself not feeling connected to your partner, are fighting more lately, don’t feel like you are on the same page with each other anymore and wonder if you should stay or go, I provide Discernment Counseling. You may need help considering your options; be it separation or divorce, keeping things as they are, or committing to staying together and working on your marriage. This process allows you to take 4-6 sessions focused on what you would like to do with your relationship first before jumping into relationship counseling.

For couples looking to strengthen their marriage or relationship, I can walk you through the research based Sound Relationship House theory. You will learn to turn towards each other more, build a better friendship by connecting and appreciating each other more, learn how to really listen and speak so that you are heard. The first few minutes of a conversation can either take it in a positive direction or take you completely off track. You will learn to resolve conflict instead of rehash it and get to the underlying causes of your conflicts. Then you will learn to build life dreams individually and together so that you have a strong “we.” I am Gottman Couples Method Level 2 trained under the mentorship of Certified Gottman Therapist, Nancy Ryan, LMFT.

I also provide Co-parenting Counseling, where you will learn to effectively parent in two separate homes with an ex or your child’s parent who may do things very differently than you do. We will go through a proven process so that you can learn to put your child’s needs first.

For many, our spiritual walk is an important and very personal part of our lives. I integrate a Christian Worldview with those clients who feel it is an important aspect of their lives.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and would feel honored to walk this journey with you. I work in the Roseville, CA and Fair Oaks, CA offices on afternoon, evenings and weekends.

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