It’s no secret that the pandemic has created one of the world’s largest modern health crises. But with the physical symptoms of covid being so prevalent, the mental implications have been left on the sidelines. This pandemic will affect us all in one way or another and for many years to come. 

How has the pandemic affected our mental health?

With the increased covid positive cases, there have been reported higher levels of overall stress for all groups of the population. Increased anxiety and depression have also been reported worldwide alongside the increased number of deaths by suicide.

**If you have any suicide symptoms or depressive thoughts, it’s important to seek help and contact here **

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It’s also been reported that an increase in alcohol and cannabis consumption as well as other recreational drugs has happened globally. As more people have been at home and isolated, the use of recreational drugs has skyrocketed. In addition to this, a high number of people suffer from things like lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and a lack of exercise.  

Who is more affected?

Certain groups have been more heavily affected by the lockdown and uncertain measures. And these are few statistics to see who has been more heavily affected.

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  • Young adults (18-24) as well as people in the lower-income bracket reported more anxiety and stress. This is likely due to uncertain job security and job search.

  • Women were more likely to report increased stress and burnout than men. Especially working women due to household expectations.

  • Families with children due to change of school closures and in-house education.

  • Teenagers with pre-existing issues due to the lack of mental support.

  • Communities of color since they reported a higher covid-positive case, and lower-income.

  • Essential workers since they felt they were at higher risks to the disease and they did not feel safe.

Post-traumatic growth

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With all the negative implications, there are some people that actually felt a positive outcome from the pandemic. This term has been coined post-traumatic due to a positive outcome from the global traumatic experience. How is this possible? Well, this could be due to the fact they now have a greater appreciation for their families and are able to spend more time with them. Or, the slowed-down approach to life in lockdown has made them realize what’s truly important in their lives. And some covid survivors were no longer scared of the disease since they lived through it and had lower stress levels.

These positive feelings from the pandemic were usually experienced by people with a generally happy outlook on life, to begin with. 

How to cope with pandemic stress

Coping with mental issues looks like taking time to do something you enjoy. Unwind and make sure you completely relax. Try in any way possible, to connect with others in order to get rid of the isolation. Some examples are: participating in an online event, spending time outside in a park, or spending time in nature. It’s important to remember to take breaks and focus on taking care of your mental and physical health. Things like meditation, breathing techniques, moving your body, or working out are all excellent ways to cope with pandemic stress.

Moving on after the pandemic… what’s next?

There’s no denying that this pandemic has caused us harm. But there is hope! Now more than ever,we are more adaptable to change than we give ourselves credit for. It’s important to be gentle with yourself, to remain compassionate, and seek help when needed.

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