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Addiction Counseling

Relationship Therapy Center offers outpatient addiction counseling in Fair Oaks, CA. We can help with substance abuse, gambling addiction, porn addiction, and many other kinds of addiction that affect your relationships

Addiction Counseling


Are you struggling to stop a behavior?

  • Do you find yourself turning to substances or activities to numb out?

  • One you start is it hard to stop?

  • Are you continuing a behavior even though it has negative consequences on your life or relationships?

  • Do you tell yourself that this will be the last time that you….?

You Can Learn Helpful Skills to Manage Your Impulses, Get to The Root of the Matter and Overcome Your Addictions. 


Whether you struggle with drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, sex, porn, gambling, workaholism, your phone or social media or anything else, there are a multitude of reasons we seek to numb out or distract ourselves. Substance Abuse Recovery can come in many forms…..sometimes people find help in recovery meetings, but also need to dig a bit deeper in therapy to find the root causes and process more specific traumas that led up to the addiction. Not all people like to go to meetings nor need to. Many people have overcome addictions through therapy. Our therapist, Robert Evans works well with clients who struggle with addiction.

Maybe You Have Gotten Clean or Sober and Now Don’t Know How to Handle Your Emotions.

Often the first year of recovery can be really challenging because all of the feelings you have stuffed while you were using are coming up. Working with a substance abuse counselor can help prevent relapse while learning how to handle life on life’s terms. Whether you need to have more of an outpatient rehab experience or a weekly individual drug counseling session to learn new tools, we can help.

Do I have to go to 12 step meetings? 

Many people get a lot of help in meetings, but we also have clients that don’t want to attend meetings.  You are free to chose whether you want to attend or not. There are also other support groups available that don’t use the 12 step concepts. We can design a recovery program that works for you.

What makes addiction counseling work?

Many of us who use substances or obsessive behavior are not comfortable with our own emotions and our thoughts can get distorted. We haven’t learned to cope in any other way and once a substance has become our go to, our brains can get habituated into using. Through therapy, you can learn to manage your emotions, observe and change destructive though patterns, learn mindfulness and ways to calm anxiety, increase relaxation, and other ways to self soothe.

What If You Are Concerned About a Spouse or Family Member?

“Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug" interventions are offered by our trained LPCC/LMFT professional therapist who has performed many of these interventions with many individuals who have substance abuse and potential mental health issues to help them seek treatment. We can help you prepare and carry out an intervention to help your loved one get the help that they need. Please call for a consultation with Rob.

Get Clean and Sober or Maintain Your Recovery in

Roseville and Fair Oaks, CA.

Call us at 916-426-2757


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