What Makes You Anxious? Man biting his fingernailsAnxiety is a bully. Because it has complete access to your mind, it knows your deepest fears. It knows the exact buttons to push—all your nightmare scenarios—that send you spiraling. 

If you give it an inch, it takes a mile. The more you acquiesce and give in to its whims, the smaller your world becomes. 

Knowing what makes you anxious is a great way to fire back and regain some control. In some cases, the trigger may be obvious. In other cases, it’s just there.

Here we’ll explore some common causes of anxiety and how you know when it’s time to get help.

Anxiety as Preparation

Feeling anxious about a potentially bad, scary, or unknown situation—say it’s an interview or lab results—can almost feel like it’s part of the preparation process. 

In situations like these, the thought of letting go of the anxiety and just being can feel as unappealing as leaving the house with no pants. Many of us are so used to donning the itchy uncomfortable cloak of anxiety that—unpleasant as it is—it’s something. 

To NOT be anxious would almost mean feeling grossly unprepared. 

If you find yourself getting anxious about a situation, get curious: Is the anxiety making it easier to deal with, in some odd way? What would it feel like to consciously issue reminders to yourself to release that grip? What could it feel like to enter into the situation without anxiety? 

Common Causes of Anxiety

Like mold, which grows in poorly ventilated damp environments, anxiety also manifests in a similar way. Being constantly on the go and working long hours without any time to pause, open the windows and let in some fresh air, may cause anxiety to build.

Money worries, health issues, general insecurity over things like being out of work, housing concerns, environmental factors… these are all common things that cause anxiety. 

To a degree, experiencing some anxiety is simply part of life. It’s unrealistic to think that it’s something you can eliminate from your life entirely. 

However, there’s also a point where anxiety can become too much.

What’s Making You Anxious?

If you’ve been feeling extra anxious recently, or if anxiety’s been in the periphery of your days for a few months or more, it’s time to pay attention.

Make a list of things that are making you anxiousMake a list of things that are making you anxious. If it’s a short-term thing, such as a new job that you’re nervous about but know that after you settle in, you’ll be fine, make a conscious effort to be kinder and gentler with yourself during the transition. Make time for things that you enjoy.

If the anxiety is just there with no discernable rhyme or reason, start to chart your anxiety daily. Note the things you did, and how anxious you were. Look for patterns if you can. Maybe there were a few days you were extra busy and didn’t get your morning walk, and felt anxious the rest of the week.

How to Know When to Get Help

While everyone is different, there are some general indicators that all point towards anxiety treatment being necessary. 

Here are some signs it’s time to get help with your anxiety:

  • It’s limiting your day-to-day activities
  • It dominates your thoughts
  • It’s making you miserable
  • It’s caused your quality of life to plummet
  • You don’t feel like yourself
  • You’re scared, worried, and feel out of control

For those experiencing symptoms such as those (or equally unpleasant ones) therapy is one of the best ways to eradicate anxiety. 

Therapy is one of the best ways to eradicate anxiety.  Give us a call today.

Anyone looking to address the issue so they can get excited about and enjoy life again should look into getting treatment. If you’re curious to learn more about what that entails, give us a call. The Relationship Therapy Center has two convenient Northern California locations—Roseville and Old Fair Oaks—offering anxiety treatment and more.

The truth is, the more you examine anxiety, the more you realize it exists as a misguided way of keeping us safe. Healing and discovering a better means of coping is possible, and turning the spotlight on anxiety helps light the path toward reestablishing  peace and self-trust.

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