Fighting about money is common. So common in fact, that according to a study by Ramsey Solutions, arguments about money are the second leading cause of divorce. 

A couple appears to argue while looking at financial documents. The text “money: the root of many relationship issues” is below. Learn how a couples therapist in California can offer support in addressing financial stress. A therapist in Fair Oaks.

It’s tricky when you’re a saver, and your partner spends money frequently and if you’re being honest, foolishly, because as a result, you have no savings. 

If you and your partner constantly argue about money, or you’re in a new relationship and their spending habits are making you squirm, here are some helpful ideas to navigate these choppy waters, so you both can feel secure.

Why is Money Such a Loaded Topic?

Before we get started, let’s consider the topic of money. It’s still somewhat taboo. It’s widely considered impolite to talk about, and our financial well-being is usually shielded from everyone. It’s not something most would consider discussing on a first date, or even a third. 

The downside, of course, is many people refrain from discussing their financial habits or situation, and only voice their concerns when and if there’s a problem. 

To many, money is a symbol of survival. It means resources – the ability to acquire the necessary supplies needed to stay alive. This – equating money to survival and resources – is what contributes to some of the intensity lurking beneath arguments about finances.

Financial Relationship

All of us have different relationships with finances.

For some, a shopping addiction could be a reason for spending money. Others may be caught up in high-interest loans, working to try and put a dent in their debt. 

Some may not even realize their spending habits, may not be aware that they’re spending more money than they make, and are slipping further behind.

A woman holds papers in her hand while typing on a calculator with the text “all of us have different relationships to finances.” This could represent the struggle with financial anxiety that an anxiety therapist in Fair Oaks, CA can offer support.

Ideally, sharing our financial situation, tendencies, spending habits and goals with a partner during the initial phases of a relationship is best. 

However, since that has yet to be embraced as the norm, most discussions about finances arise in the form of arguments, as committed couples realize that they have different views on money and how it should – or shouldn’t – be spent.

Your Relationship

So, if you find yourself in that situation, how do you proceed?

Sit down with your partner, and go over the finances. This discussion should just be about the facts; do not dip into blame or finger pointing. 

A couple sits together while reviewing paper documents and their laptop with the text “sit down with your partner and go over the finances” Learn how a couples therapist in Fair Oaks, CA can offer support with addressing couples’ finances.

Channel your inner accountant – this is just about the numbers.

Sometimes, it takes all that it takes to return to the same page, simply bringing the reality of the financial situation to the forefront, and working together to come up with a realistic financial plan.

Other times, if money is being used as part of a bigger issue, such as funding an addiction, or being spent on things neither of you can afford, this can be a sensitive topic to broach.

Who Can Help?

Couples counseling is one of the best ways to approach a situation where finances seem to be tearing the relationship apart. 

Frequently, the issues being argued about aren’t always at the root of what’s really happening. A therapist helps guide the couple and work to uncover the crux of the issue. Through learning and understanding how it plays out in different areas of the relationship, a couple can heal and integrate healthier, more effective communication into their union.

A close-up of a couple holding hands with the text “counseling is one of the best ways to approach a situation where finances seem to be tearing the relationship apart.” Learn more about how a couples therapist in California can help you in addressin

At the Relationship Therapy Center, we’ve helped countless couples work their way through challenges, and come out the other side stronger and better than ever. If frequent intense arguments about finances – or anything else – feel like they might ruin your relationship, we can help. Call or visit our website to learn more.

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