May is Mental Health Awareness MonthMay is Mental Health Awareness Month, which begs an honest question: what is mental health, really? 

In a nutshell, mental health encompasses our inner world. It includes things like psychological and emotional well-being, as well as the nature of our relationships to others. 

To be a human being is to experience ups and downs. Incredible highs, and difficult lows. Mental health awareness month shines a light on the reality that everyone struggles mentally from time to time, it’s completely normal. No one is immune.

And because of that, therapy is something everyone can benefit from. 

Modern Society and Mental Health

Our busy fast-paced lives don’t always bode well with mental health. There’s this underlying message that worthiness lies in productivity, which leaves many people burned out and stressed, and their physical and mental health end up bearing the brunt of the burden.

Our busy fast-paced lives  don’t always bode well for our mental health. Thankfully, this discrepancy is being addressed. People are becoming more aware of the consequences of burning the candle at both ends. A flurry of studies shows the very real burden that a lack of sleep and chronic stress has on our overall health.

And, as more and more people call a timeout to reevaluate their lives and turn towards therapy for insight and guidance, the old stigma surrounding mental health and mental health treatment continues to fade. 

Signs You or a Family Member May Benefit from Therapy

Just like physical health if persistent symptoms are left unattended to, they can progressively get worse. The burden of chronic stress, worries, unprocessed trauma or deep dark feelings of unworthiness and shame are real things that hold many people back. These things can act like an unpleasant smell, a lingering odor that taints an otherwise enjoyable day to day experience and casts a shadow over life.

The symptoms may manifest as a gnawing in the stomach, an anxious feeling. Sleepless nights and a heaviness in the chest. It can be an unsettling sense of emptiness, or a sensation like all the joy and color have been drained from life. 

It can also be in how we relate to others. If we’re arguing constantly with our partner, or getting agitated at the slightest thing. 

Find a moment to consciously check in with yourself. How are you? Are you feeling completely overwhelmed? Do you feel disconnected? Numb? Does a general feeling of sadness prevail?

Is there something you wish felt better? 

How Therapy Can Help

Therapy helps everyone. None of us come equipped with a map or user manual explaining our inner world. There are places where it’s easy to get stuck, lost, or feel unsure about. 

There are burdens people carry, sometimes without ever fully acknowledging them.

For some, a few sessions with a counselor is all it takes for them to reestablish their priorities, do some inner spring cleaning, and regain the courage and confidence to know they’re heading in the right direction.

For others, therapy can help them learn to better manage their stress and anxiety. Others love therapy because it’s exactly what they need to help them establish boundaries in their life.

Find out how  therapy can help.

And of course, people with depression and mood disorders fare far better when they’re working closely with a mental health professional.

This May, check in with yourself and family. If you live in Northern California and think maybe it’s time you see a therapist, give us a call.

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Individual therapy provides many benefits for both your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. From handling challenging life events to learning to live with ongoing mental health issues to simply getting help with everyday stress, seeking counseling can help you live your best life.

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