It’s hard enough just to keep up with the day-to-day aspects of being a parent. 

Between prying your kids out of bed to make sure they get to school on time, cooking, cleaning, and ensuring their immediate needs are taken care of, there’s a lot to attend to.

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Then you have the added stresses of life. Conflicts, wars, atrocities, situations that you as an adult have a hard enough time trying to understand and process. 

You worry about trying to explain it to your kids, and you worry about not explaining it to your kids. 

How much is ok to share? 

You don’t want to stress them out or cause undue worry that might interfere with their well-being. But, you do want to begin to explain to them that there are situations in the world that are extremely complex and difficult. 

You also don’t want them to hear about something from a friend (there’s always that friend) and not have a basis or foundation to process what they’re hearing.

Before you talk to them, here are some things you need to consider first:

Kids need the freedom to just be kids. We don’t want to jolt them into adulthood prematurely. We don’t want to stress them out or cause them unnecessary anxiety by giving them heavy information before they have the context and ability to process it. 

A family of three look at a laptop with intent. Therapy for children in Roseville, CA can learn more about teen therapy in California and other services. Learn more about our services by contacting a therapist for teens in Roseville, CA.

If you need some guidance, here are 6 tips to help you talk to your children about war and conflict:

Think about your child. 

How do they react to and interpret challenging situations?  The way you approach the topic should be age-appropriate and delivered in a way that doesn’t frighten them.  If your 10-year-old is highly sensitive, they don’t need to hear everything.

Relaying the details in a neutral, non-judgmental way is key;

Be mindful of not stigmatizing, or perpetuating stereotypes or generalizations within countries or groups of people.

Depending on your child’s age, limit news exposure. 

The news tends to focus heavily on how bad it is and much of the footage can be quite disturbing. Especially to a young child.

Make sure you don’t solely focus on the negative. 

As we know, sometimes terrible situations bring out the best in people too. Be sure to shed light on that; the people who help, the people who show up for others, the people who make a difference.

Ensure your child feels safe and loved. 

Ask them to share their worries and concerns or see if they would like clarifications on any aspects they may not fully understand. You may not have all the answers either, and that’s okay.

Don’t leave them hanging. 

Do your best to conclude the conversation when they feel safe and secure.

If you think your child is having trouble with this, or if a current situation in the world seems to be badly affecting them, seek help. 

A child talks to their parents and a therapist while smiling. This represents the support therapy for children in Roseville, CA can offer. Learn more about teen therapy in California by contacting a therapist for teens in Roseville, CA.

Our therapists at the Relationship Therapy Center are well versed in child development. We will build a relationship with your youngster – make them feel comfortable – then gently guide and show them ways of handling and processing whatever they find troubling or worrisome. 

Our therapists help kids struggling with their feelings learn healthy ways of expressing themselves, channeling their stress, worry, and fear in a more appropriate manner. 

If you’re worried about your child, give us a call. Share your concerns, and we’ll help you decide if therapy is the solution. 

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