When watching a TV show, documentary, or YouTube video, it’s easy to detect content filmed pre Covid. Remember how innocent we all once were?

Covid shook the world as it swept through, spreading an unhealthy dose of anxiety and depression along with harmful particles. It carried a general sense of the fragility of life – how quickly the world as we know it can be flipped on its head.

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It highlighted the vulnerabilities within government institutions as they struggled to make quick decisions with little information, and threatened the economy as “non-essential” workers were told to remain home, and schools shut down.

As we return to normal, studies paint a somewhat contradictory picture of post-pandemic mental health. Some suggest it had little to no impact on our general well-being, while others point to lingering anxiety and depression. Perhaps there’s some truth to both. Regardless, the pandemic cast a spotlight on mental health. Here are five things it highlighted – five important things we shouldn’t forget.

1. We Need Each Other

Covid showed us the inherent value our relationships have in our lives. Grabbing a coffee with a friend, thinking nothing about greeting them with a hug. Hearing the barista call your name, grab your cappuccino and head outside to enjoy the late morning sun.

Talk about the little things, right? How sorely we missed that.

Having close relationships with others has been shown to influence happiness and longevity, and social isolation put a stop to most face-to-face interactions. This resulted in loneliness, increased anxiety and depression, and rates of overdoses in the early stages of the pandemic grew by 30%.

Post-pandemic, make a point to reestablish meaningful connections with others. Especially if there’s still a marked difference in your social life from then to now.

2. We All Struggle from Time to Time

A group sits in a circle holding images representing connection. The text below says we’re not only in this together, we’re stronger together/ Learn more about the support group therapy can offer by contacting a therapist in Fair Oaks, CA, or searchi

Being a human being means you experience both good and bad. No one is immune. Struggles are inevitable and it’s OK to not feel one hundred percent, one hundred percent of the time. Fueled by fear, it doesn’t take much for emotions to become too big to contain, and it’s uncomfortable trying to attend to daily life when there’s a wild emotional storm raging behind the scenes.

Covid accelerated the normalization of therapy, continuing to squash the archaic belief that therapy is just for “crazy” people. Since the pandemic, more and more are reaping benefits from therapy. They’re realizing it can help reshape harmful beliefs, perceptions, and alleviate some of the pain or shame surrounding a traumatic event.

If you’re struggling, don’t beat yourself up. We tend to be very hard on ourselves and expect a lot of ourselves. It’s okay to rest, slow down, and listen.

3. Life is Scary at Times

No matter how hard we try to shield ourselves from danger, it still exists. Life can be scary. Most of the events that happen are beyond the scope of our control, and really, the only thing people can control is their reaction.

Many forget how they react and what they focus on is a choice. Yet, with media constantly hammering home doomsday scenarios, not panicking, worrying, or running every worst-case scenario through your mind becomes more and more of a challenge.

If you find yourself worked up over the news, it’s okay to take a break from it. Focus on all the good things that exist instead. They’ve been here the whole time; they just don’t get the same kind of attention as the other content.

4. It’s OK to Ask for Help

None of us should be expected to endure the ups and downs of life alone.

From the people you’re close with, who you’re free to be yourself around, who you’re free to be vulnerable with – to a therapist. It’s important to have people in your life who listen to your worries, fears, pain, and hold space for all of it.

None of us have to face any of this alone. If you’re struggling, remember, it’s okay to ask for help.

5. We’re All in This Together

We’re not only in this together, we’re stronger together.

No matter how much the media and all those outlets constantly vying for our attention try to highlight our differences, we’re more similar than we are different. Most people care about one another. They share common goals.

A woman places their hand on the shoulder of a woman. Learn more about the support a therapist in Fair Oaks, CA can offer with teen therapy in Fair Oaks, CA, and other services like couples therapy near me.

When schools, our favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and hiking trails were closed, we suddenly realized how important they are to us because of what they represent.

A place to meet and connect. A space to learn and grow. A place to smile at someone – ooh and ahh over their cute dog – as they pass you on the trail.

If you had an increase in anxiety and depression during the pandemic and it hasn’t subsided, ask, what’s missing?

If you feel like you could benefit from extra support, the best way to work through the aftershock is by speaking to a therapist. A search for counseling near me should provide a list of experts within your vicinity.

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