The incident; you still remember every last detail. Even though it happened 15 years ago, you remember what you were wearing. A gray and black striped skirt. You’d had for quite a while, but got rid of it right after.

A man gestures while talking to a person with a clipboard. The text below says “what trauma does to your brain and body”. Learn how trauma therapy in Fair Oaks, CA can offer support by contacting a therapist in Fair Oaks, CA today.

You remember how powerless it made you feel. You remember the tribal tattoo on the bicep of the deputy who responded to the call. He was kind and compassionate as everything seemed to fall apart.

Traumatic events exist in every size, shape, and form. As human beings, most (if not all) of us are exposed to trauma in our lifetime. Of course, the degrees to which it impacts us differs, depending on the event and our capacity to process it.

And some of the more severe trauma changes us – in more ways than we’re probably aware.

Many who experienced trauma wonder, why the flashbacks? Why the crippling anxiety? Why the seeming inability to move past the incident; why the overall decrease in quality of life?

The Mind-Body Connection

At this point, it comes as no surprise that the connection between the mind and body is real. From heartache to gut feelings, our thoughts lead to physical reactions in the body. For those who had to flee a climate disaster, say a California megafire had you scrambling to gather your essentials before evacuating. Now the smell of woodsmoke, which you used to associate with comfort and coziness, is terrifying. You catch a whiff now, and you’re immediately on edge.

When our brains sense danger – even if it’s a false alarm, something that reminds us of danger – it floods the body with adrenaline and cortisol. The intention is to get us moving, out of harm’s way, stat.

How Trauma Affects the Brain

Trauma affects three areas of the brain: the amygdala (responsible for emotions and instincts), the hippocampus (governs your memory), and the prefrontal cortex (regulates emotions and impulses).

A graphic of a brain with an electric plug and the text “the connection between the mind and body is real”. Learn how a therapist in Fair Oaks, CA can offer support in improving your mind-body connection and addressing PTSD in Roseville, CA.

When you’re thrust into a situation that reminds you somehow of a past traumatic event, your amygdala reacts as though it’s happening again. Your prefrontal cortex is suppressed, and the hippocampus gets mixed up, thinking the triggers are the traumatic situation occurring in real-time, and releasing stress hormones.

Unresolved trauma can lead to flashbacks, restlessness, and insomnia. Some find their enjoyment of life shrinking, and they may stop doing things they love, and stop “putting themselves out there” for fear of something bad happening again.

This can then into anxiety and/or depression.

Neuroimaging shows differences in brain activity of those with significant cases of PTSD, for example the hippocampus volume is smaller, and there appears to be a decrease in gray matter density. In addition both neural circuits and brain regions are impacted, and the neurochemical systems become dysregulated.

How Trauma Affects the Body

Flashbacks, or situations that bear a slight resemblance to the traumatic event, cause an increased heart rate. There’s a flood of panic; thoughts seem to be in all caps with tons of exclamation points. You may begin to physically shake, you may feel the urge to flee, but also an overwhelming impulse to not move at all.

Over time, unresolved trauma can lead to lethargy, feeling unmotivated, and sedentary. This usually exacerbates symptoms and comes with a host of other physical ailments. 

How to Heal from Trauma

One of the challenges associated with healing, especially when depression and anxiety symptoms are present, is a lack of motivation to do anything, and a feeling of overall hopelessness. 

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While burdensome and sometimes crippling, these feelings are simply feelings. When you begin your healing journey, you will start to build inertia. This momentum will build, slowly but steadily.

Therapy is the best way to heal. Depending on where you live, search for a ‘therapist near me.’ Preferably, you want to see someone who has a lot of experience with or focuses specifically on, treating PTSD.

The Relationship Therapy Center specializes in treating trauma in Roseville, Ca. We also have a clinic in Fair Oaks where we help both teens and adults heal from trauma and other difficulties. Give us a call or text. 

We’re here to partner with you, offer hope, and support you throughout your healing journey. 

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