If you really think about it, it doesn’t quite make sense. 

Why is something that’s such an integral aspect of a romantic partnership still considered somewhat taboo? 

It’s a normal part of a healthy committed relationship after all, so why are we still uncomfortable or ashamed to discuss sex, even with our significant other?

It’s a shame really, because not only can sex be wildly pleasurable, it also boosts our immune system, decreases depression and anxiety, lowers our blood pressure, and helps us sleep better, among other perks.

If thoughts of sex therapy have you clutching at your proverbial pearls, this post aims to demystify it: shed some light on what it is, what it isn’t, and how couples who are struggling with intimacy benefit from it.

What is Sex Therapy?

It’s normal for human beings to clam up over the uncomfortable, and for many, discussing the ins and outs of sex doesn’t happen as easily as, say, a conversation about the last book you read. 

Your therapist will guide the two of you into discussing things like:

  • Your thoughts on sex

  • Barriers that interfere

  • Learning how to assert your preferences

  • Overcoming communication difficulties

  • Working through feelings around sex such as shame, embarrassment, fear, etc.

Society, religion, the media… there are so many conflicting and contradictory messages around sex. 

It’s normal while focusing on raising a family, holding down a full-time job, trying to find time to cook and exercise – all the things – for sex to peter out. Or feel like a chore, because people are just too exhausted.

The point of the sessions is not to make you feel exposed, ashamed, or sprint for the hills. Rather, the therapist’s goal is to help the two of you identify and overcome the myriad of challenges that come with maintaining a healthy sex life – on top of trying to find a balance with everything else in life, too.

What Isn’t Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy does not involve any touching between couples and their therapist. Remember, it’s important in any situation to not do things that make you feel exceedingly uncomfortable. Therapy may feel challenging at times – perhaps being vulnerable discussing a particular situation doesn’t come easily – but it should never be something that’s traumatizing or asks you to abandon yourself to appease someone else and their agenda.

If you feel uncomfortable around any aspect of sex therapy, and are asked to perform or do something you’re not okay with, honor your instincts, speak up, or find a new therapist if needed.

Who Benefits from Sex Therapy?

Anyone who’s struggling with sex – from difficulties with arousal, to pain and other obstacles impeding upon their pleasure potential.

Couples usually attend sessions together, however individuals can benefit as well. Especially if there’s a history of trauma and a lot of emotional pain and confusion tied to physical intimacy and sex.

At the Relationship Therapy center, we offer sex therapy in Roseville, CA and sex therapy in Fair Oaks, CA as well. We work with all sorts of people. 

What most have in common is the understanding of the power of sexual intimacy, and its ability to strengthen a relationship. 

We all deserve to experience physical pleasure, you’re no exception. 

So many people let discomfort or shame rule their life, and this results in a lot of missed opportunities.

If you’re looking for sex therapy in Sacramento, please contact our office. We are happy to answer any questions, and look forward to helping you reignite pleasure and connection in your relationship. 

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