Agreeing to begin marriage counseling is a major step forward for any married couple. Regardless of the factors that contributed toward your decision to attend marriage counseling — it takes courage and shows true commitment. It’s a sign that you are both seeking to better understand each other’s needs, are willing to invest time and resources in your relationship and are committed to finding a path forward.

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Of course, after you’ve made the decision to attend marriage counseling — the search begins for the perfect marriage counselor in California.

There are many different approaches you can take when looking for a marriage counselor, and many different things to consider. Today, we’ll share our top three things to look for in a marriage counselor, and provide some guidance in how to know what you’re looking for (and the type of marriage counselor who will best serve both your and your spouse’s needs). 

The Top Three Things to Look for in a Marriage Counselor

1. Your marriage counselor has further evidence-based couples therapy training beyond their Master’s Program.

Every licensed therapist has completed a Master’s Program. In choosing a therapist who has gone on to further their studies and specialize in a specific field — such as marriage counseling — you can be sure they will be highly educated and truly diligent. A high-quality marriage counselor in California will have dedicated time and resources to further their practice, with reference to specialized theory and techniques relevant to marriage and partnership.

Examples of such training might include studies undertaken with an institution such as the Gottman Institute, which provides a research-based approach to relationships. The Gottman Institute is dedicated to providing training and certification to therapists seeking to work with married people and those in long-term partnerships. 

2. Your marriage counselor aligns with both partners equally and teaches relevant, modern, practical tools that provide long-term results.

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Finding the perfect marriage counselor is not the same as finding an individual therapist. We all have our unique preferences and communication style — and it’s important to consider that your partner’s preferences, needs, and requirements may be different from your own. While you may feel aligned and comfortable with one marriage counselor, your spouse may not — and vice versa. It’s important for you and your partner to communicate how comfortable and aligned you both feel with your marriage counselor. 

When searching for the perfect marriage counselor, it’s also vital to explore the tools and techniques they can provide. You can ask for case studies, read reviews, and speak directly to the practice or therapist about their therapy model and approach.

3. Your marriage counselor provides a holistic approach that not only addresses your primary concerns but benefits every aspect of your marriage or relationship. 

You and your spouse may already have a good idea of the issues you’d like to work through and resolve with a marriage counselor — perhaps finances, or parenting. While known issues are a great place to start, a good marriage counselor will often approach your sessions from a more holistic viewpoint. While learning to communicate better, have more empathy, or put a date-night routine in place are wonderful — there’s a lot more that goes into building and maintaining a healthy marriage. 

Often, what seem like day-to-day issues and difficulties have deeper emotional ties. A highly trained and experienced marriage counselor will be able to help you identify where themes of trust, intimacy, anger, resentment, and more may be impacting your marriage. Understanding these issues on a deeper level will help not only to overcome challenges in day-to-day married life — but strengthen the foundation of your marriage, and produce long-lasting results. 

Begin Working With A Marriage Counselor in California:

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