If, when someone tells you to “relax your shoulders… unclench your jaw…” 

Your shoulders drop two inches, your jaw softens, and you think wow, I had no idea I was this tense, you’re not alone.

Stress is a chameleon. It takes on all sorts of shapes, squeezes its way into all aspects of our lives. Including the place where most of us spend the majority of our time: work.

Some jobs are inherently more stressful than others, but stress doesn’t discriminate. When compounded with other factors beyond the scope of our control such as the economy, shifting demographics or trends, too little or too many demands… all of that has a huge impact on our stress levels and overall well-being.

An image of a woman scratching her head with the text "are your employees stressed and less productive?" Anxiety treatment can help ease stress. Contact an anxiety therapist in Fair Oaks, CA today.

Many employers are realizing the impact stress has on morale, how it steps on the toes of productivity, and hinders creativity. 

What’s their solution? More and more companies are seeing the value in having a Lunch and Learn – a 45-minute educational seminar usually held over lunch, where employees get to eat, and hear an expert on a particular topic who’s been invited to speak. 

Mental health professionals are some of the most popular presenters and have been helping employees and employers take a deeper look into how stress impacts their every day, and providing solutions that help dissolve and lessen its grip.

If you think your team would benefit from having a lunch and learn centered around stress management, (and really, who wouldn’t benefit?) Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of it:

What to Expect

The point of having a mental health professional present is to arm the team with the appropriate well-being tips and educate them on some of the damaging side effects of stress. 

This is not a group therapy session, nor is it appropriate to get into deeply personal issues in front of the group. 

A close up of a person talking in front of a crowd of sitting coworkers. Learn more about how an anxiety therapist in Fair Oaks, CA can offer support with stress and anxiety. Search "anxiety treatment fair oaks, ca" to learn more.

Let the Team Know Beforehand

Give your team a heads up a few weeks beforehand. Ask them to think of areas in their workday that they experience stress or friction, or perhaps they would just like some tips on general stress management.

Letting everyone know beforehand gives people ample time to prepare.

Optimal Outcome

Think about the specific issues that you are experiencing in the workplace. What are some areas of concern? Where is morale or motivation lacking, and what can be done about it?

For example, if employees are struggling with stress, why not have a little psychoeducation about the detrimental effects of chronic stress and the many ways they negatively impact and impede life, and how to remedy that?

What’s the optimum outcome that would leave your team empowered, with strategies at their disposal, so they’d leave the session motivated and energized, ready for what’s next?

Who Can Help?

Nancy Ryan smiles for the camera with information about Lunch and Learn benefits. Contact an anxiety therapist in Fair Oaks, CA or search anxiety treatment Roseville, CA today.

Finding a mental health professional is easier than ever, thanks to the internet. You can have someone come in person, or host the session over Zoom. 

You want someone who is knowledgeable and can deliver the information in an engaging and relevant way. 

At the Relationship Therapy Center, our focus is on everything relationship related. We know stress and the many ways it works to interfere with all our relationships, from the one we have with ourselves, to the one we have with each other – which includes customers and coworkers. 

Interested in learning how we can help you and your employees?

Give us a call. We’re happy to chat, and love nothing more than an opportunity to share our expertise, and increase well-being.

Lunch and Learn with Nancy Ryan, LMFT:

Nancy Ryan, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and CEO of The Relationship Therapy Center, would love the opportunity to educate your team and improve their overall mental health!

If you are interested in having a free lunch to build and learn with your team visit our website or email or call Brianna for more information!

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