Today started off like any other day. 

You woke up, brushed your teeth, walked back into the bedroom, and found your partner sitting on the unmade bed, staring at their hands. Looking absolutely miserable and deflated.

“What’s wrong?” 

“I have to tell you something, I’m so sorry…”

Today started off like any other day. 

You hear your partner brushing their teeth, and immediately you’re flooded with guilt. The overwhelming guilt. I can’t keep this to myself anymore, I have to say something. I have to come clean. You’re sitting on the unmade bed, still lost in thought when they enter the room.

“What’s wrong?”

“I have to tell you something, I’m so sorry…”

A woman hides behind a couch as another woman questions her partner. Infidelity counseling in Roseville, CA can help you cope with infidelity to improve your relationship. Contact an infidelity counselor in Roseville, CA.

If you’ve been cheated on, your emotions zip all over the place. You’re heartbroken. You’re angry. You didn’t want this, you never asked for this!  Being betrayed by someone you love is one of the hardest, worst experiences one can go through.

If you’re the person who cheated, you’re ashamed. You may not understand why you cheated; it’s completely out of character. You hate yourself for hurting and betraying your partner. 

No matter who you are in this scenario, you’re probably wondering, what happens next?

How can trust be restored? 

Where do we even begin? 

Roughly 70% of couples that attend marriage counseling or couples counseling after infidelity stay together, according to a still referenced 2000 study by psychologist Shirley Glass.  

Having a clinician present throughout the process ensures you’ll have the best chance of rebuilding your relationship, and prevents unhealthy dynamics relating to any unresolved issues present after the affair.

One of the best ways of working through this processand ultimately restoring trust – is through the Gottman’s Trust Revival Method. This is a tested approach with a fairly high success rate amongst couples. Seeking guidance from a Gottman Method therapist is recommended for best results.

The Gottman Trust Revival method consists of three phases:

  1. Atone
  2. Attune 
  3. Attach

A woman gives a harsh look to their friend while they are looking at their phone. This could represent the mistrust that infidelity counseling in Roseville, CA can address. Contact an infidelity counselor in Roseville, CA to learn more.


In the atonement phase, the person who cheated takes full responsibility for their actions, and works to make amends. The success of this phase is dependent on transparency. They must answer their partners questions, and provide passwords to emails and smartphones if this is something asked of them. 

The person who was cheated on has a responsibility during this period as well. They are expected to forgive after processing the anger and hurt that is obviously there. This can be an extremely painful and difficult process, and one that doesn’t happen overnight. 


Once forgiveness has been established, the couple can move on to the Attunement phase. This phase focuses on rebuilding the relationship. Both are encouraged to open up, be vulnerable, reconnect, and to share what’s going on. Share how they’re feeling in the relationship and with life in general. 


The final phase, the attachment phase, seeks to reestablish intimacy. This can be especially difficult and sometimes triggering for the person who was cheated on. They may have flashes of their partner being unfaithful. By working through this, and learning how to reignite intimacy and communication, both can learn how to once again appreciate, respect, and trust one another. 

The length of the process depends on the couples and the situation. 

A woman shows a therapist a phone while her partner appears shocked. This could symbolize relationship mistrust that an infidelity counselor in Roseville, CA can address. Learn more about infidelity counseling in Roseville, CA and other services.

If your relationship has been struck by infidelity, our clinicians are here to help. At the Relationship Therapy Center, we are happy to provide you with a free 15-minute consultation. We know it is possible to save your relationship and restore trust. We have seen it before. In fact, we’ve helped others make it happen. It’s time to stop hurting. Call us today, and start healing.

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