It’s a challenge. 

Your child has morphed into a teenager, and you’re not quite sure what’s next – or even what’s normal at times. 

As parents, we’re supposed to know what’s best for our kids. Keep them safe and secure. Then as teens, we’re expected to continue doing that, while simultaneously allowing them to become more autonomous and independent. 

A teen sits with a moody expression while holding a phone. Learn more about the support teen therapy in Roseville, CA can offer by contacting a therapist for teens in Roseville, CA and across California. We offer teen therapy in Sacramento and other

Developmentally, the teenage years are some of the hardest (for reference, refer back to your own). The transition from childhood to adulthood…it’s a bumpy ride, to say the least.

It’s a shame that – generally speaking – there’s no standard in place, at school or elsewhere, that equips teens and pre-teens with the knowledge that life can be confusing and stressful. Depression feels extremely heavy and intense, anxiety is powerful, and educating them preemptively, teaching them the tools and other strategies they can implement to regulate their emotions; return to a place of calm.

In the USA at age 15, many start driver’s ed in preparation for getting their driver’s license. There, an instructor gives detailed explanations to the youngsters on how to navigate the roads safely. 

  • They learn what signs mean. 

  • They learn how to signal lane changes; turn on the headlights so they can see after the sun sets. 

  • They learn the safest way to get where they want to go. 

  • They study written material and have to pass a test. 

However, when it comes to mental health – stress, confusion, anxiety – all of which tend to ramp up during the teen years, our society seems more comfortable with a reactive approach. Many times, teens are medicated, and not taught why they feel a certain way, and what to do about it. 

Two photos of teens struggling from substances. Teen therapy in Roseville, CA can offer support for teens across the state. Learn more about teen therapy in California by contacting a therapist for teens in Roseville, CA.

Here are some definite signs your teen needs therapy, and possibly other interventions as well:

  • Expressing dark thoughts

  • Cutting or self-harming

  • Using substances

  • Failing class and skipping school

  • Disordered eating

  • Extreme moods and mood swings

  • Depression 

Here are less obvious signs that your teen may need a little extra support:

Two images of teens with sad expressions, representing the pain of depression teen therapy in Roseville, CA can address. Learn more about teen therapy in California and other services by contacting a therapist for teens in Roseville, CA today.

  • Seems somewhat depressed or otherwise “off”

  • Doesn’t seem themselves

  • Withdrawn

  • Less interested in life 

If you have a feeling that something is wrong, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Chances are, your teenager could be feeling overwhelmed and could use a little guidance.

Therapy during the teenage years is an excellent resource. Your teen learns ways to gain the upper hand over their emotions. 

Depression treatment without drugs is possible, especially if it’s introduced at the onset; when the symptoms initially occur.

Therapy equips them with the appropriate resources to work through their problems; they’re learning powerful skills that will serve them for the rest of their life.

Empowering your teen to be in the driver’s seat of their brain, feelings, and emotions, is an unbelievably transformative gift. 

A group of people sit in a circle while discussing something. This represents the support teen therapy in Roseville, CA can offer. Learn more about teen therapy Sacramento by contacting a therapist for teens in Roseville, CA.

In therapy, your teen will learn how to manage their feelings. Sometimes being human is an intense and painful experience, and they will discover these emotions move through them, and don’t define them. 

They will learn the tools necessary to navigate life safely; be able to maneuver through difficult times – and remember to use their headlights when darkness comes. 

If you would like more information on how therapy can help, call us today. At the Relationship Therapy Center, our goal is to help people with relationships. The foundation of which is our relationship to ourselves. 

Your teen is about to become an adult, and preparing them to enter the world with all the tools necessary to manage the twists and turns in the healthiest way possible – there’s no better gift. 

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