Can you remember what it was like being a teenager? The somewhat terrifying intensity of new emotions, the highs and lows – the pressure – all the growth?

A teen looks blankly at the camera as their friends read behind them. A therapist for teens in Roseville, CA can help your teen deal with depression. Learn more about teen therapy in Roseville, CA and other services including depression treatment.

Adolescence is one of the hardest stages of human development.

It’s a time of rapid physical and emotional change, compounded by academic and societal expectations.  

Teenagers now have social media to contend with as well, making it even more confusing and challenging. 

Depression and Suicide Rates are Rising in Teens

According to suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death amongst those aged 15-24, and around 20% of teens experience depression. 

Seeing something as a statistic cushions us. The actual suffering and tragedy aren’t present. It’s easy to look at a statistic and recognize that there is a problem, but the details – the heaviness of individual stories and pain that make up that statistical number – are missing. 

If you’re a parent of a teen (or there’s a teenager in your life) knowing and paying attention to the signs of depression is crucial, and seeking help should they display any of them is vital.

Some signs of depression in teens include:

  • Changes in behavior – grades slipping, or they’re becoming less interested in things they used to be passionate about

  • Withdrawing from friends and family

  • Self-harm

  • Feeling hopeless

  • Expressing feelings of severe overwhelm

  • Acting out; repeatedly breaking the rules

  • Expressing dark thoughts or suicidal ideation

  • Substance abuse

If your teen has recently experienced trauma, or any situation that warrants extra support, therapy is an excellent solution, giving them space and guidance to process and heal.

A teen sits on a step while hiding their face. This could represent the isolation that a therapist for teens in Roseville, CA can address. Learn more about depression treatment in Roseville, CA and other services like teen therapy in Roseville, CA.

The Benefits of Depression Treatment for teens in Roseville, CA

Therapy for teens is not only helpful in the short term by helping work through a tough time, it also provides your teen with tools and healthy coping strategies they can use for the rest of their life. 

You know your child. If anything seems “off,” be sure to check in with them. 

Seeking help from an understanding compassionate therapist for teens is a way to bridge the somewhat tricky balance between allowing them newfound independence as they grow, and still providing them with a trusted confidant who is trained in understanding the human brain and its growth.

Sometimes, without outside help, we come up with ways to cope that are not healthy.

The teenage brain is especially susceptible since it is not yet fully developed, and can be led astray by seeking a temporary “feel good” dopamine hit. When this way of coping is adopted while the brain is still growing, it is likely to become hardwired and continued to be used as a means of coping.

A therapist provides support, as well as psychoeducation so your teen has a clearer picture of why they’re feeling the way they feel, and the consequences of succumbing to peer pressure, or turning to drugs and alcohol, and other risky behaviors. 

A person with paper and a laptop smiles at a client sitting near them. This could represent a therapist for teens in Roseville, CA helping a client. Learn more about teen therapy in Roseville, CA and other services like depression treatment.

It is possible to find support for your teen.

Seeing your child go through a tough time is heartbreaking, but help is available. If you suspect your teen is experiencing depression or some other form of emotional distress, talk to them. Reassure them they are not alone. At the Relationship Therapy Center, our specialists are here to help. We know how rough the teenage years can be, and provide a supportive atmosphere where they are free to be themselves. This extra care makes a world of difference. For more information, contact our office today. We want your teen to succeed, and provide them with the skills and insight they can continue on using, well into their very bright future.

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