Society’s message has always been loud and clear, women should aspire to be married. After years of listening to that, finding yourself single after the age of 50 can feel uncomfortable. Even scary. 

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But, does it have to?

One of the best things about life is an opportunity to view things from a different perspective. From the benefits (yes, benefits!) of finding yourself single, this piece looks at things to consider when dating after 50. 

You Don’t Have to Use a Dating App

If you’re newly single for the first time in a long time, the prospect of a dating app may seem as appealing as slaughtering and butchering a cow.

Some people liken dating apps to a meat market, not for the faint of heart.

Thankfully, there are other ways to meet people that don’t involve apps. There are plenty of volunteer activities, group hikes, or other outdoor-related excursions, you may have a friend with an eligible bachelor coworker… if you’re not comfortable with apps, there’s no need to use them.

If you do want to embark upon the world of online dating, great! 

Just remember to employ common sense; don’t land yourself in a dangerous situation. Additionally, there are many scammers who target people who they perceive to be vulnerable and gullible – and yes, they even manage to deploy their scams on dating apps.

Know Yourself 

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Remember 20 year old you? Chances are, you were quite different…In fact, let’s pause briefly to acknowledge the people who met in their 20s and are still together. It probably took a lot – decades of work – to get here. 

You likely know yourself so much better now. You have a ton more life experience to draw from, and those old insecurities that held you back have (for the most part) vanished.

You’re now able to deploy everything you learned to better inform your choice of a partner. 

Now you can choose someone who’s present, engaged, and passionate about some of the same things you are. 

What could be better?  

Feeling Anxious? Approach from a Place of Love

Before you start looking for a partner, take a moment to reflect. Is this something YOU want? If you’re newly single, is it something you’re ready for? 

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Does the desire for a partner come from a place of love, or is it fear-based; a reaction to thoughts of being alone? 

Because honestly, there’s nothing wrong with being alone. Seeking a partner to fill a void is usually a recipe for disaster. That’s when our “picker” panics, and we end up with the wrong person because we’re terrified of being solo. 

The more confident, comfortable, caring and compassionate you are with yourself, the more likely you are to find that in a partner. Why? Because you won’t tolerate anything less. 

Through being compassionate and caring for yourself, you learn to fulfill needs many people tend to outsource in order to fill. You’re capable of living a joyful and fulfilling life without a partner. So, the person you choose has to be extra special and enhance your life to even be considered as a contender.

First Date Anxiety

It’s normal to feel anxiety or nerves before a first date at any age. Just be yourself, and view it as an opportunity to meet someone new. Don’t become too attached to the outcome.

Viewing life as only having so many years left doesn’t mean you have to settle. Because – as we all know – that usually results in more misery. And honestly, none of us, regardless of our age, know how much time we have here anyway. 

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Your wonderful qualities aren’t going anywhere, so take your time. Have fun, and don’t abandon yourself or compromise.

If you’re feeling overly anxious or insecure, speaking with a therapist may help. Your therapist will help you get a handle on what you’re feeling so that if and when it’s time to date, you’re ready.

At the Relationship Therapy Center, we believe the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. If you’re struggling with any aspect of that, give us a call. We’d love to help you work through this, so you’re free to live life as yourself; unencumbered by anything that’s trying to bring you down.

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