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There’s still a certain stigma about couples who seek relationship counseling.

It’s as though therapy is a sign that they don’t love each other anymore, that one or both partners don’t want to be in the relationship anymore, or that they may be a “bad match” or not good at maintaining their relationship. 

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth — couples who seek counseling do so because they care deeply for their partner, and are committed to doing everything within their power to improve their relationship.

We’ve put together this list of signs it might be time for you and your partner to seek couples therapy.

It might be time to seek counseling if you or your partner:

  1. Have become indifferent to how the other person is feeling
  2. Can’t communicate without things escalating into an argument or a fight
  3. Have taken to lying and keeping secrets
  4. Have a significantly decreased sex drive
  5. Believes the other person is always the one at fault
  6. Have been unfaithful
  7. Feels as though you’re having the same argument over and over again
  8. Have developed nasty or antagonistic communication habits
  9. Feel as though the other person has become emotionally distant
  10. Feel lonely within your relationship
  11. Have fallen out of love (“I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”)
  12. Aren’t able to rely on each other
  13. Don’t see each others needs and desires as equally important
  14. Have issues stemming from your attachment styles in regards to self-worth, codependency, or fear of abandonment
  15. Don’t see each other as a priority
  16. Feel unsupported or dismissed when trying to talk about how you feel
  17. Have difficulty opening up to the other person emotionally
  18. Struggle to talk about sex, sexual desires, and sexual intimacy
  19. Have consistent and prolonged difficulties with the other person’s family, friends, colleagues, career or health issues 
  20. Have issues with abuse, affairs, or addiction
  21. Have different parenting styles that often result in conflict 
  22. Disagree on the best way to manage your finances
  23. Feel as though household chores, tasks, and parenting responsibilities are unfairly divided
  24. Have underlying, untreated mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression
  25. Feels that the other person makes all the decisions within the relationship 
  26. Had a difficult childhood resulting in unhealed trauma or emotional wounding
  27. Have difficulty communicating or staying present during a disagreement or an argument

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Deciding on Couples Counseling

It’s important to note that an occasional act of selfishness, or a one-off insensitive statement is very different to consistent, prolonged disassociation from the relationship. If you recognize several of these signs as having been present in your relationship for a sustained period of time, you might like to consider discussing couples therapy with your partner. 

If your partner is resistant to the idea of going to couples therapy, it’s important to validate their opinions and concerns without dismissing them. If cost is an issue, you could suggest attending a one-off, one-day couples retreat as a “trial run”, to introduce your partner to a therapeutic environment. If your partner feels as though they’re being “punished” or “forced” into going to therapy, talk to them about their feelings and focus on your desire to grow closer to them. If they’re worried that therapy will become a container for you to “attack” them, reassure your partner that therapy is an opportunity to grow and connect, not attack or place blame.

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Feeling seen and heard by your partner is a crucial element in bringing you closer together, and maintaining a strong healthy relationship. If you’re ready to explore this further, consider seeking couples therapy with a licensed professional.      

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