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This season of coronavirus and shelter-in-place is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, we’re able to spend more time at home with our partners, and on the other…. we’re able to spend more time at home with our partners. It’s for this very reason that right now, more than ever, it is important for couples to regularly set aside time to spend together. Think of these date nights as a necessity, not a luxury, a chance to step away from jobs, children, and stress and step into appreciating and enjoying each other’s company. And with the usual options off the table, it’s time to get creative. 


10 Date Night Ideas During Social Isolation


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  1. Cook for one another. Pick a different cuisine each week and take turns playing chef. With fewer options for going out, make the at-home dining experience extra special by dressing up, pouring a glass of wine (or sparkling water), and lighting candles.

  2. Have a spa night. Turn on soothing music, set up that essential oil diffuser, and sip cucumber and lemon-infused water. Trade massages, indulge in face masks, and soak up those relaxation vibes. Bonus points if you end the night together in a hot bath.

  3. Seek time in nature. Your options will vary depending on where you live, but sunlight, fresh air, and exercise are sure to make you feel great and this date a success. Get out for a walk, go for a hike, ride bikes down an old country road, or find a body of water to sit beside, your mind and body will thank you.

  4. Have a movie night, (it’s a cliche because it works). Take turns choosing childhood favorites or pick a movie that neither of you has seen. Add popcorn and cocktails to the mix for some extra excitement or sip hot herbal tea for a healthier option.

  5. Have a board game tournament. Go all-in on your three favorite board games or learn a new one that you’ve both been wanting to try. Make a night of it with tacos and cold drinks (alcoholic or not, it’s all good) and decide on something fun for the defeated partner to do – maybe a dare, a small skit, or a foot rub.

  6. Take a yoga class together. There has never been a better time to utilize the abundance of online yoga classes. Sign up for a free trial or head over to Youtube where you will find plenty of options. Choose a flow class for a more energetic vibe or a yin yoga class if you’re looking for deep stretching and relaxation.

  7. Start a book club (and limit membership to two). Right now is a great time to engage your mind with some reading. Choose a book to read together. Then, read on your own time but come together once a week to discuss the content.

  8. Have a picnic. Bring a blanket, your favorite foods, a pack of playing cards, and a frisbee and head out to your closest patch of green.

  9. Deep dive into conversation. In 1997, a group of psychologists put forth the theory that there are thirty-six questions that will make any two people fall in love (or strengthen their already existing love). A quick internet search will take you to the questions, so pour a drink, get comfortable, and settle back for some vulnerable, thought-provoking conversation with your significant other.

  10. Have an erotic playdate. With so many extra hours spent at home together, many couples are finding this aspect of their relationship needs some extra attention, lest it fades away. Consider listening to erotic audio together or reading sexy stories out loud to get in the mood. Experiment with toys and props, dress up, or role-play. Of course, never ever do anything you are not comfortable with, but now is as good a time as ever to connect in a new and intimate way.

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