You’re the best version of yourself.

You may have a few (or more) regrets, but rather than ruminate over your past, you’ve chosen to learn from it instead. 

An older couple ride bikes next to one another on a sunny day. A marriage counselor in California can offer support for mature marriages. Learn more about online marriage counseling in California, a couples retreat in California, and more.

With age comes wisdom and clarity.

When you learn to listen to yourself, you are able to give yourself the best gift of all: a life where you are authentically and unapologetically you.

Cheers to that!

You also have a better idea of what your needs are. So now, lucky you! You get to choose a partner who meets those needs, which leads to a much more fulfilling and overall enjoyable relationship.

You’re healthy, have more freedom than ever before – especially those of you who are retired with grown-up children and grandchildren to spoil – this is your time. 

So, what you shouldn’t be doing right now is settling. 

If you feel worried, like you don’t have much time left (the reality being we never know how much time we have) don’t allow that to cloud your judgment.

One should never enter a relationship just to alleviate loneliness, or because of worries time is running out and this is the best they’ll get. 

Many times, people enter into relationships just to feel less alone. But, they end up being more miserable than had they remained single. Spending time with someone you’re not fully compatible with or someone you can’t be yourself around is a recipe for being more unhappy overall.

So, before you say “I do,” take a moment to contemplate these questions:

  • Do the two of you have the same idea about what retirement looks like?

  • Are you free to be yourself; do they love you for you?

  • Do you have fun together?

  • Have you thought about how you’ll spend your major holidays?

  • Do you both enjoy similar hobbies and activities? 

  • As far as assets are concerned, have you decided how to allocate them when the time comes?

A group of four friends smile as they talk with one another. This represents the support a marriage counselor in California can offer. Learn more about online marriage counseling in California by searching “marriage counseling near me” today.

If you have been married before (and your answer should depend on how and why that ended) how is your new partner different and similar to your ex? 

Marriage at any age is never to be taken lightly.

The union is made under the assumption that the two of you will remain together for the rest of your lives. 

By getting married later on in life, you have the advantage of experience. 

The two of you will be able to enjoy being authentic and vulnerable, as well as venture out and travel – or whatever your dreams may be. Nothing is better than having a partner who is passionate about the same things that you are.  

To ensure that the two of you have the best union possible and are taking full advantage of one another’s finest qualities, seeking premarital counseling is one of the best things you can do now to ensure future success. Your marriage counselor will work with you to make sure that whatever arises, the two of you are better prepared to handle it. 

If you don’t currently have a partner, but are finding yourself wishing for one, rather than jump into a relationship, consider connecting with a therapist instead. 

Your therapist will help you with your relationship with yourself, and also keep you focused on what your needs within a relationship are. 

A middle-aged couple holds hands while sitting across from a therapist with a clipboard. A marriage counselor in California can offer online marriage counseling in California and other services including a couples retreat in California.

So when you do find someone, it’s someone who meets you where you are, see’s you for who you are, and takes care of you because they love you for everything you are. 

At the Relationship Therapy Center our goal is to help you have the best, most rewarding relationship, whether that’s with yourself, a partner, or both.

We work with individuals and couples, and if you’re wondering if therapy is appropriate at this juncture of your life, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions, hear your concerns, and help you through any challenges.

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