There’s no doubt about it, therapy can be tough. 

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But like all challenges that lead to growth and well-being, it’s worth it. It makes all the difference in your quality of life, which is powerful. Something no one should take lightly or be dismissive of.

Therapy is not something that can be rushed. It’s important to remember that, short of increasing the number of sessions per week, there is no fast track to healing. 

Healing isn’t linear, either. You may feel things are going great, but then have another revelation that makes you feel like you’ve regressed. 

Have faith. 

As recipients of the Best of Health and Wellness from the Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce, we understand the importance of building trusting relationships that help our patients on their journey toward wellness. Besides having a solid connection to your therapist, here are some additional signs that indicate therapy is working. 

You’re thinking about things you want to discuss at your next session

Making note of things you want to talk about at your next session shows that you’re engaged. Perhaps you’re proud to share how you maintained your boundaries in a challenging situation, or want to dive into something that caught you off guard. 

Making note of it so you can bring it up later is a good sign.

You’ve started to implement some of the tools

Applying the strategies learned in therapy is proof, you’re doing it! 

As is the case with anything new (especially when it involves changing a behavior!) it may feel weird at first. You won’t get it “right” every time. 

But the more you practice, the easier, better, and more intuitive it becomes. 

In the meantime, your therapist is there to help encourage and guide you.

A black woman smiles while writing in a journal in front of a fireplace. The text below says making note of things you want to talk about at your next session. Learn how a therapist in Fair Oaks, CA can offer support via counseling in Roseville, CA.

You have more insight and can identify old destructive patterns

The way we choose to interpret something – especially something that occurred in childhood – isn’t always correct. 

Therapy is one of the best ways to sort through the messy murky parts of our past. The more you discuss and analyze, the clearer things become. 

If you find yourself having “aha” moments over some of your past behaviors, this is a sign: therapy is working.

You feel more compassionate toward yourself and others

People have a hard time being compassionate with themselves. Many tend to apply labels, like “stupid,” “lazy,” and “not good enough,” instead of what’s really needed: compassion. 

As you progress through therapy, you may start to gain a little more tenderness with yourself and others. You begin to stop blaming yourself for things that were never your responsibility in the first place.

Compassion paves the path to forgiveness, and eventually healing.

You feel clearer, lighter, better

You feel better. Hopeful. You have a broader understanding of yourself, and see things differently. 

Feeling good (even if it’s fleeting) is a big indication that therapy is working. 

You’re invested… even when it’s painful and hard

Therapy is like surgery. Surgery involves a deep painful incision, and the recovery process involves physical therapy, which can be painful and scary as you slowly stretch and expand your range of movement. 

A black man smiles while typing on a laptop. The text below says “you feel better. hopeful. you have a broader understanding of yourself, and see things differently.” Learn more about counseling in Roseville, CA, and other services in addition to cou

Emotional wounds hurt as well, and rooting them out when you’ve done your best to hide or escape them can be equally painful and scary.

When you realize this and are still willing to be vulnerable – you see the merit of dipping into shame and other areas you closed off and pretended didn’t exist – this is a sign that you’re invested, and therapy is working.

Therapy is a process that differs from person to person. If you’re interested in hearing more about what we do at the Relationship Therapy Center, please give us a call. We’ve helped countless others and can do the same for you.

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