Here’s the good news: challenges in a relationship are not only normal, they’re solvable! Working through them in a way that gives both individuals a chance to express their needs and perception doesn’t just make a relationship better, it strengthens it.

Here’s the bad news: the longer you wait to seek help, the longer you prolong searching counseling near me, the less likely your relationship is to survive… and the more damage it may sustain in the interim. 

Most people agree, couples counseling is the best way to proceed. However, there are different treatment approaches. Different ways of framing a relationship, and the issues that arise. When looking for couples counseling in Fair Oaks, California, (or wherever you’re located!) where should you go? Of all the different treatment approaches, how do you know which is best? 

One way is to ask: which approach has the best results? Which method uses extensive research as a guiding principle to inform the treatment protocol?

At the Relationship Therapy Center, we use the Gottman Method, and couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Our Gottman trained clinicians have seen incredible results and transformation with the couples we work with. 

What is the Gottman Method?

Incorporating decades of research, the Gottman Method is one of the most robust comprehensive ways to look at a relationship. 

Using nine components that all work together to play various key roles in a healthy relationship – things like conflict management and creating shared meaning – the Gottman Method doesn’t give undo focus on a particular event. Rather it looks at the big picture. Why differences in perspective, oftentimes shaped by past experiences, can wreak havoc on relationships. It aims to empower couples so that when potential issues emerge in the future, the couple understands why it’s happening, and is well equipped to handle the situation. Quickly and efficiently. They have a better understanding of what these issues signify within the framework of the relationship.

The studies of Dr. John Gottman are referenced in a ton of books that go beyond relationships, and peer into some of the particularities of human behavior. The Gottman Method has come to be accepted as one of the most effective treatment approaches in marriage and couples counseling, period.

According to a study by the NIH,  “Findings revealed that Gottman’s couple therapy approach had positive effects on improving marital adjustment and couples’ intimacy. Furthermore, the results of assessments in the follow-up period indicated that Gottman’s couple therapy had enduring effects on marital adjustment and couples’ intimacy.”

What’s Unique About a Gottman Trained Couples Counselor?

Gottman trained therapists undergo different levels of rigorous specialized training. They explore and understand the principal foundations, including the research that helped shape the protocol. 

Choosing a couples counselor who specializes in the Gottman method is one of the most proactive approaches to relationship therapy. Rather than hash out past grievances in an unstructured stream of conscious manner, a Gottman trained couples’ counselor empowers you and your partner. You learn the reason behind some of the behaviors, and get solid tangible advice on how to improve your relationship moving forward.

If you’re looking for a Gottman trained therapist in Fair Oaks, CA, we’d love the chance to work with you. In addition to couples counseling, we offer individual and teen therapy in Fair Oaks, CA, as well. Feel free to call or text whenever you have a moment. We’re always happy to share how we can help.

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