Your daughter is already mad at you because you won’t let her get a cell phone. The kids have met Dale, your new boyfriend a few times, and it didn’t go well. You and Dale are both worried about your kids meeting his kids, and to top it off your youngest has recently been diagnosed with Autism. 

Life presents challenges. Often, we’re faced with situations we have no idea how to navigate. And once you think you’ve got a handle on something, it changes, and just like that. You’re back in square one. 

No one wants to “mess up” their children, and no one has all the answers either. 

Thankfully, there are resources available to assist with all the shifts in dynamics and challenges that family’s face, and family counseling is one of them.

Here are some of the ways family counseling can help:

1. Eases Transition Through Change

Change is inevitable, and it can be hard to navigate especially when it involves something painful. Divorce, for example. It’s hard for adults, and brutal for kids. 

In family counseling, children learn that the divorce has nothing to do with them. The therapist helps create new structure, and set both parents on a path of successful co-parenting, where each upholds the mutually agreed upon household rules and expectations.

2. Assistance with Boundaries and Healthy Structure

Sometimes, family dysfunction – just like heirlooms – are passed down from generation to generation. Through counseling, families are able to establish healthy boundaries, which help children feel safe. 

If the home is chaotic, the therapist will help the family come up with solutions and ways to establish structure and restore routines.

3. Loss or Grief

People cope with grief in many different ways. Sometimes children, in an effort to make their parents or siblings feel better, decide that it’s their job to be the “strong one,” choosing to cut themselves off from their emotions so they can be there for everyone else. Others never address the wound, which leads them to seek relief in substances later on. 

Loss can leave a huge hole in a family, and a counselor can help family members not get stuck or lost somewhere in the grieving process.

4. A Diagnosis

Discovering you have cancer when you still have kids in elementary school is scary for everyone. Regardless of the prognosis, therapy can help children express their own fear and concerns, giving them the support of a professional as they move through a very tough experience. 

5. Teen Therapy 

If you think your teen is depressed and discovered they have been cutting, family sessions can help them – and everyone else – come together and learn how to support one another, and what that looks like. 

6. Restoring Harmony

Sometimes, things just feel off. Feel harder than they should, like everyone is struggling upstream. If you feel as though your family could benefit from a ‘reset,’ and learn how to become closer or to communicate in a healthier more appropriate way, therapy is an excellent way of removing barriers and getting everyone on the same page.

Family therapy is an excellent way to clear out the things that get swept under the proverbial rug, and arm everyone with the skills so they never have to do that again.

If you’re looking for family counseling in Fair Oaks, CA or teen therapy in CA that also incorporates sessions with the rest of the family, we are here to help. At the Relationship Therapy Center, we focus on the tricky complex dynamics that often complicate relationships. We help untangle the mess, get to the core, and integrate new healthy ways to move forward. The importance of family is not something to be undervalued. After all, it’s one of the most important things in the world

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