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There are currently many events that could be causing heightening anxiety. Such events include a global health pandemic, protests, and social unrest, plus the uncertainty of our future economy. When left untreated, anxiety can cause unrelenting worry, racing thoughts, poor digestion, poor sleep, and difficulty concentrating, among other things. It is a mental health issue that affects all areas of a person’s life, including physical health and the ability to interact in and engage with the rest of the world.

It may be surprising that a certain amount of fear or anxiety is actually a good thing. It is our body’s natural reaction to stress and way of keeping us safe and away from danger (think: running away from a tiger). But when anxiety hinders your ability to interact with others, to go out into the world, or even just to enjoy life on a day-to-day basis, you may be experiencing heightened anxiety that is beyond what is natural or healthy… and you don’t have to live with it forever. 

worried woman eats ice cream out of the container. She gets anxiety treatment in Fair Oaks, CA with the relationship therapy center who also offers anxiety treatment in Roseville, CA

There are many steps you can take to treat anxiety, including seeing a therapist for counseling. Psychotherapy is an excellent resource for resolving anxiety by offering support as you work through and resolve whatever issues are preventing you from experiencing life as fun and enjoyable. Here are five different ways that anxiety treatment can support you during these times of heightened anxiety.


  1. You will be reminded that you are not alone. Anxiety is among the most common mental health issues in the world and anxiety is particularly high right now when we are all experiencing a global health pandemic. Knowing that others are feeling the same way can help you to accept your experience instead of judging it, which is an important step in anxiety treatment. 

  2. You will be taught the importance of self-care and mindfulness. Anxiety stems from worry about the future, so any kind of practice that anchors us in the present moment, such as meditation, deep breathing, or yoga, are useful ways for treating anxiety. Exercises such as a morning gratitude routine and daily journaling are also great timeouts from the worry and fear that contribute to anxiety.

  3. You will be encouraged to take good care of your physical health. Examples include: having good sleep hygiene and getting at least eight hours of good quality sleep each night; daily exercise – sometimes just a quick fifteen-minute walk drastically can change our mood and perspective; regular exposure to fresh air and sunlight; eating a healthful diet heavier on vegetables and lighter on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and other processed foods; and finally, less screen time. Our minds and bodies are intimately connected and oftentimes, when we get into our body and begin doing the things it needs to feel better, our minds are quick to follow suit.

  4. You will learn to identify triggers. Do you know why you feel anxious? Or what time of day your anxiety is highest? Is it when you interact with a specific person or after a certain activity? Are you anxious about money, a loved one, or the world in general? Anxiety treatment can help you explore and uncover the triggers in your life that are causing anxiety in the first place so that you can either, 1) avoid the triggers, or 2) develop healthy coping mechanisms.

  5. You will be invited to be of service to others. Showing up for other people is a great way of stepping outside of the often narrow and limiting experience that our minds create. And right now, with social distancing, it’s especially important to take the steps to engage with others. This can be as simple as taking a walk and smiling at people, calling a friend or family member, or asking a neighbor if they need help with anything. 

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