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With so much technology at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that given the choice, many teenagers would choose to participate in online therapy over more traditional, in-person therapy. Online therapy, also known as teletherapy or e-therapy, differs from traditional psychotherapy in that it allows patients to meet with a therapist remotely, via video chat, phone call, internet messaging, or even text messaging. Given that the teenage years are a time of establishing independence and autonomy, seeing a therapist is a great option for a teen who wants guidance and support from someone other than a parent. 

For all of us, therapy is a safe space to talk about anything. For teenagers, this anything can range from depression and social anxiety to eating disorders, struggles with self-esteem, bullying, or issues around sexuality. Therapy is also a space to talk about smaller issues such as feeling anxious about an upcoming exam or frustration with family members. When you are worried (or are worried that your teen is worried) about problems with a BFF or what to do after graduation, therapists are there to listen without judgment. Teen therapy acts as a support system for present-day challenges as well as an opportunity to set yourself up for success later on down the road. Remember, when things feel too heavy or overwhelming to get through, ask for help, you don’t have to go it alone.

5 Reasons Why Online Therapy Works So Well For Teens

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  1. Technology, baby. Today’s teens grew up in a world of tablets and smartphones. They are comfortable with internet messaging, video chat, and the like. Most teens can easily spend hours chatting with friends via a messaging app or text messages and with the option to talk to a therapist in the same way, teens may find it easier to open up through online therapy.

  2. There’s less stigma. A lot of teenagers are concerned with what their peers think (and say) about them. They may feel embarrassed or ashamed about seeing a therapist, but with online therapy, there are zero risks of being seen entering or exiting a therapist’s office and therefore your interactions are sure to be kept private.

  3. You can “go” to therapy from anywhere. Most teens are reluctant to sit in a stranger’s office and talk to him or her about their feelings. However, being able to talk to a therapist from their own space may help teenagers feel more comfortable opening up about their lives and the experiences they are going through.

  4. It’s convenient, for everyone involved. With school, homework, sports, and all the other extracurriculars, teenagers lead busy lives. With online therapy, there’s no need to coordinate rides or find an extra two-hour time slot in an already busy schedule. Online therapy is accessible and also allows teens to process thoughts, emotions, feelings, and experiences in real-time, as things come up, instead of having to wait until next week to talk about an issue they are experiencing now.

  5. Because being a teenager can be difficult. There’s pressure to perform well academically, the social dynamics at school can be heavy, and major life decisions are looming. While everyone experiences some challenge in the teenage years, this time may be more difficult for some than others, and sometimes just having someone to talk to can relieve a lot of the pressure. Therapy is a great way to learn to manage your emotions, develop coping strategies for stress, and learn practices to support mental, physical, and emotional health. 

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Should you decide online therapy is the right choice for you or your family, the Relationship Therapy Center is home to licensed therapists that specialize in teen therapy. Call us today to find out more.

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