Life before. Remember how innocent we all were? Most of us could never have conceived ofHow Does Post-Pandemic Anxiety Manifest, and What Can You Do About It what happened. It’s safe to say the pandemic shook us all.

It changed almost every aspect of life. Things once totally taken for granted – dismissed as “normal” – vanished.

Worries about friends, loved ones, health, concerns over job loss and the impact it might all have on the economy swirled about. And unlike “the good old days,” we weren’t able to socialize and gather. We couldn’t commiserate and share our worries with each other, in person.

There was no shortage of unknowns to worry and stress over, and if you’re still feeling anxious, you’re not alone.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) since the outbreak of the pandemic, global rates of both anxiety and depression increased by 25%.

Let’s take a closer look at post-pandemic anxiety.

How Does Post-Pandemic Anxiety Manifest, and What Can You Do About It?

The pandemic played into people’s insecurities and fears. According to the WHO, women, young adults, and kids were most likely to feel anxious.

It’s not surprising that some people still feel a heightened sense of anxiety. Here are some of the common ways it can manifest, and what you can do to lessen the severity.

Post-Pandemic Anxiety in Large Groups and Gatherings

Things have reopened and mask mandates have all but disappeared.

Since the pandemic social anxiety has increasedYet when confronted with a crowded poorly ventilated space, many people can’t help but replay images in their mind of germy airborne particles dancing like glitter in the air, landing on unsuspecting lips, and getting inhaled through unprotected nostrils.

Since the pandemic social anxiety has increased, and unfortunately, so has loneliness, isolation, and depression. We live in an era where many do not need to leave the confines of their home to meet their immediate needs. People work from home. Pay bills from home and have groceries and food delivered directly to their front door.

As stated by the NIH, individuals suffering from social anxiety as a result of the pandemic and its aftermath, are at greater risk of having their overall mental health deteriorate.

Hyper Anxious About What Could Happen Next

It can be pretty unnerving when you realize things are totally out of your control. There’s a long scary list of things that can happen, regardless of if you’re prepared or not.

Becoming overly consumed by trying to stay ahead of the “what ifs” (or just worrying about them incessantly) is extremely taxing on your energy, your overall health and wellbeing.

No one can fault you for getting caught up worrying and ruminating about everything that’s wrong and could go wrong since the pandemic.

However, if it is consuming most of your time, thoughts and energy – and maybe even keeping you up at night – this is a good indication you could benefit from therapy.

We offer individual counseling in Northern California, and have locations in Roseville and Fair Oaks. We’re happy to chat – call us anytime to learn more about what we do.

Ways to Cope with Post-Pandemic Anxiety

For some, anxiousness is a way of “controlling” what we’re afraid of. By being hyper-vigilant and hyper-consumed, we feel as though we’re less likely to get caught by surprise.

Sometimes, a big life changing event that’s totally out of our control acts like the proverbial straw – one more thing piled atop a host of burdens we’re already shouldered with – and the camel’s back snaps. It’s all too much.

Now more than ever, discovering ways to calm and center yourself are prudent.

You may have no control over the state of the world, but are able to influence the state of yourself. Acknowledging the actual limits of your locus of control may be daunting, but it’s also quite liberating.

Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Be mindful of the media you consume, and the amount of time you spend consuming it. Impose a “news ban” or “media diet” for a week and see how you feel
  • Get curious about your worries. Are you replaying the same ones over, in a continuous loop? Are they helpful? Act as a mediator; a moderator for your thoughts. Try to look at them objectively and not get swept up in the drama
  • The outer world doesn’t have to determine your inner world. Yes, there are always awful scary things that happen, which makes it even more important to create a place of trust where you can access peace and calm, within yourself. It’s not denial – it’s more of a shield. An inner light – a sanctuary you can turn to when things are scary and feel out of control

If anxiety is robbing you of enjoying your life, we can help. There’s no reason to figure this out on your own, and if you’re suffering or want a jump start on managing your anxiety, consider therapy.

Having someone there to support you on this journey is life changing. We firmly believe everyone should have an opportunity to live a joyful, loving, fulfilling life.

If anxiety is robbing you of this potential, give us a call, or search for a “therapist near me.”

Remember, you are not alone.

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