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If you are someone who is suffering from anxiety right now, know that you are not alone. Anxiety is our body’s natural reaction to stress, and while short bursts of stress hormones can be helpful and actually benefit our minds and bodies, chronic stress and anxiety is not only unpleasant to experience, but is absolutely unhealthy for both our minds and bodies. So, regardless of whether your anxiety is covid-related, the result of social encounters, or is coming from somewhere or something you can’t quite identify, having coping strategies for dealing with your anxiety is essential for finding relief. 

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Dealing with anxiety is a two-step process. The long-term solution is the self-inquiry it takes to learn where your anxiety is coming from and the work it takes to relieve and transform it. The short-term solution is learning tips and techniques for coping with your anxiety in real-time. Our intention is that the following five tips for dealing with anxiety will empower you to create your own short and long-term mental and emotional wellness. 

A Therapist’s Top Five Tips For Dealing With Anxiety In 2021

1. Breathe, baby, breathe. It’s a cliche for a reason.

Simply taking six super deep, super slow breaths has been proven in numerous studies to decrease stress hormones. Whether you feel anxious because you are stuck in traffic or because of a co-worker’s triggering words, slowing down and focusing on deep breathing and the rise and fall of your belly is a sure fire way to relieve immediate bursts of anxiety.

2. Get out of your mind and move your body.

When our minds are spiraling, often the only way to get them to stop is to take a time out and MOVE. The great thing is that it doesn’t really matter what kind of movement you choose. You can go for a brisk walk, do fifteen minutes of stretching or yoga, put on your boxing gloves, or dance it out to your favorite playlist. Any kind of movement will reduce anxiety because it gets stuck energy out of the body, leaving us feeling refreshed and revived afterwards.

3. Do morning pages.

The idea of morning pages comes from Julia Cameron’s book and creative course called “The Artist’s Way”. In it, Cameron outlines a practice of freehand writing three pages first thing in the morning. The pages you write should be private and not seen by anybody’s eyes but your own. Write down anything and everything you want to, especially the things causing you to feel anxious. The idea is to energetically dump anything you are holding onto at the beginning of the day in order to become an empty vessel for possibility, creativity, and peace.

4. Clean up your sleep hygiene.

Nobody feels good when they aren’t sleeping well. Not getting enough sleep or not getting deep enough sleep will significantly impact your mental and emotional health, not to mention your physical health. Try going to bed an hour earlier, read or journal before bed instead of looking at a screen, avoid stressful conversations in the evening, and keep the temperature in your room cool for the deepest sleep possible. Sleep should be a top priority when anxiety is present.

5. Identify what is triggering your anxiety.

Something even better than learning to cope with anxiety is actually understanding where it is coming from and taking steps to shut it down. Although anxiety is the leading mental health concern in the United States today, it doesn’t have to be something you experience forever. Examine your life to figure out where your anxiety is coming from. Is it family, finances, your job, or even something like living a life that feels out of alignment with your truest, most authentic self? Talking to a trusted friend or a mental health professional can be especially useful during this process. Our therapists at The Relationship Therapy Center are specially trained in anxiety treatment. Call our offices and talk to our Client Care Coordinator today to schedule an appointment in Roseville or Fair Oaks, Ca or to book an online therapy session. We look forward to working with you.

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Overcoming anxiety takes both short and long-term solutions. Our caring therapists would be honored to provide a lasting solution through anxiety treatment. We offer support from our Sacramento area counseling practice. To start your therapy journey, follow these simple steps:

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Anxiety treatment can be beneficial, with the right therapist. Our compassionate therapists are trained to walk you through the process and help you find healing and peace. Please contact our therapy office to learn more about the many ways we can help you and your loved ones heal, grow, and love healthy.