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There is no way to describe how it feels to cope with the despair of life’s biggest tragedies. When you are emotional and panicked, it is hard to find solutions to your problems and cope with even minor issues. So, when severe adversity happens, it might seem impossible to get through it. Powerful feelings of sadness, fear and anxiety can make it difficult to think about what comes next. However, hardships and suffering can bring hope. These events can also help you learn to cope with life’s ups and downs. When you get through a tragedy feeling stronger than before, it can give you a renewed sense of hope and accomplishment. Knowing ahead of time how to cope can help you when tragedy does strike. Here are some tips from relationship therapists experts to help you get through difficult life challenges.

#1 Remember That You Are Not Alone

When something terrible happens, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Even though it might seem that way, the truth is that you probably have people in your life that love and support you. No one can should the weight of every burden alone. With the help of loved ones, you can get through anything.

Even if you don’t have anyone that you can turn to in your life for help, there are support groups for a wide range of difficulties and problems. Humans are social beings. We need to interact with others. Reaching out helps us adapt and overcome challenges.

#2 Don’t Numb The Pain With Drugs Or Alcohol

If you have lost a job, went through a divorce or just had an accident, you must be tempted to use drugs or alcohol to cope with the emotional and physical pain. Drugs and alcohol might make you feel calm, happy or numb — things that you might not have felt in some time. However, these feelings will wear off, and once they do, more intense emotions will replace them. Substance abuse causes more problems than it solves, including the risk of extreme sadness and mood swings — things you are trying to avoid. If you are currently using drugs or alcohol to cope with adversity, it is essential to get help right away. If you are in the Sacramento area, click here to connect with counseling Roseville CA. The sooner you deal with the substance abuse and the problems underlying it — the better.

#3 Cope With Anger Constructively

Many people experience anger when something tragic happens. A person who loses their arm in an accident might be angry at the driver of the car that hit them. The sister of a murder victim might experience rage towards the person who murdered her sister.

It is important to find a way to deal with anger that will not bring harm to yourself or others. Think about ways that you can turn your anger into something constructive. Some ideas for transforming anger include:

● Trying meditation or physical activity

● Joining a support group

● Focusing on a cause that helps others

● Joining a sports league

● Focusing on a new hobby

If you have thoughts of harming yourself or others, then it is essential to contact a mental health professional for help. Fair Oaks counseling experts say that it is important not ignore these thoughts.

#4 Don’t Neglect Yourself

When you are overwhelmed by a hardship, it is easy to neglect yourself. You may not be sleeping or eating well. Maybe you have stopped going to the gym. However, when you don’t take care of yourself, your mental health — and your physical health — will both undoubtedly suffer. So, take whatever small steps you can to perform self-care activities. Start small, do something — anything— for yourself. Events such as taking peaceful walks in the park,  swimming in the community pool or taking a restorative yoga class can help you feel calmer and happier.

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