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You and your partner are arguing again. You might be wondering if it is time to go to relationship counseling. After all, every relationship has ups and downs, and it is a big step to go to counseling. When you are having problems, it is easy to wait to see if things will improve on their own. However, most couples wait too long to go to counseling and end up suffering for much longer than needed.

Most of the time, couples should seek therapy long before they think they need to. Going to counseling shouldn’t be a last-ditch effort to save a broken relationship. Although issues might start small, they tend to grow in size when not resolved. Sacramento couples counseling can give you and your partner the tools that you need to address issues. Here are some signs that it is time to get help.

#1 Sex Has Become A Lot Less Frequent

When couples start to have sex a lot less often than in the past, it is a sign that something is amiss in the relationship. Although most people’s sexual desire will wax and wane depending on what is going on outside the bedroom, it is a problem when the dry spell lasts for months. So, if you have noticed a big difference in you or your partner’s sexual desire, consider Roseville marriage counseling to get your sex life back on track.

#2 You Bicker About Small Things  

Most couples fight about small things. It is normal to disagree when spending a lot of time with a person. However, when you are always bickering about minor things, such as what to have for dinner, it could lead to more significant issues in your relationship. After all, who wants to be in a relationship with someone when the two of you are always fighting? It is exhausting. If you are arguing over the same small things over and over, it is best to see a marriage therapist who can help you get to the heart of the problem.  Gottman Method Couples therapy, which we use at Relationship Therapy Center, is very helpful in improving communication issues.

#3 You Don’t Talk Anymore

Are you and your partner suddenly not talking anymore? Does your communication feel one-sided? Although many people believe that a lack of communication is inevitable as time passes in a relationship, that is not true. Silence in a relationship often reflects disconnection, conflict or tension. You may not even realize what has happened to shut down the communication in your relationship. Fortunately, couples that are trapped in silence can find a way to communicate again — with the help of a therapist.  

#4 You Are Keeping Secrets

One essential thing in any close relationship is intimacy and communication. Sharing your feelings, experiences and thoughts with your partner helps you feel understood, supported and intimate. Sometimes partners keep secrets because they fear being judged by the other person. Other times, they are afraid of hurting their partner. The problem is that their partner will likely be betrayed if they find out the secret. When you are not entirely honest with your partner, it jeopardizes intimacy in a relationship. If an affair has been discovered, it is important to do infidelity counseling to repair the trust.

Therapy can provide a safe place to talk with your partner about issues in your relationship. It can help you and your partner cope with different life challenges that are bound to come up in any partnership. Whether you come in alone and do relationship counseling for one or see us for couples counseling, you can make great changes.

Nancy Ryan, LMFT

Nancy Ryan, LMFT

Nancy Ryan, LMFT specializes in working with individuals and couples who want deep, satisfying relationships with themselves and their partners. She works with couples who are ready to stop the destructive patterns and want to build the love, friendship and romance back into their partnership.

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