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Do you feel a lack of connection or compassion in your home? Are you walking on eggshells around the people you’re supposed to feel the most connected to? Is your home becoming a place you want to escape from instead of a place you return to for rest and nurture?

All sorts of things may be happening to create stress within a family. Parents may be experiencing a lapse of intimacy or communication within their relationship, a child may be going through social or academic challenges at school, a teenager may feel angry or misunderstood. Whatever the reason, a family therapist is one option to help you create a more harmonious household. Because conflict and argument will without doubt occur within a family, it is important that you learn – as individuals and as a cohesive unit – to communicate through them.

Professional family counseling can help you and your family develop strong communication skills, learn positive parenting practices, and develop the necessary tools so that you are able to lean into one another during challenging times instead of allowing struggle to pull you apart. A therapist is a professional whose job it is to listen and understand your family and then work with you to develop strategies for living together. Family counseling in Fair Oaks, Ca. is available to help you do just that. 


Within the family structure, the relationship between two parents sets the precedent for the rest of the family. If one or both parents feel they are no longer part of a unified team, the effects will be felt by the entire family. If this is happening, it is important that you take the time to talk about and understand the core issues at play. Co-parenting counseling and marriage counseling in Sacramento and Fair Oaks, Ca. can help you and your spouse develop a strategy to rebuild trust and connection within your partnership and within the family unit. 

Family counseling can also be used as a tool for prevention. Ups and downs in life are inevitable and it makes sense that you don’t want to wait until your family falls apart or grows disconnected before you learn tools for communication. Start early and give your family the opportunity to build a strong foundation so that when sudden changes or unforeseen circumstances do occur, you are able to maneuver through them more fluidly. 

Therapy is a safe and neutral environment, free from distractions, where your family can experience truly listening to one another. With family counseling in Fair Oaks, Ca., your family can learn to cultivate peace in the home, create boundaries, and build respect between one another.  If you feel that you and your family need help or support during this process, contact The Relationship Therapy Center to talk to a licensed therapist.