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Chances are, you’ve been hearing about online therapy. Maybe you’ve seen the billboard or maybe your best friend is talking about it. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself wondering, what is online therapy and is it right for me?

Online therapy, also called teletherapy, e-therapy and e-counseling, is therapy conducted online, via live chat, skype call, or email with a licensed therapist. Just like traditional therapy, online therapy can be one-on-one personal counseling or couples can see an online counselor together for online marriage therapy.

While there certainly are pros and cons to this approach, here are 10 Benefits of Online Therapy in California and reasons you may benefit from online counseling, California.

  1. To begin with, online therapy in California makes therapy accessible to those with disabilities or physical limitations. Online therapy gives patients who are bedridden, in a wheelchair, or have agoraphobia (for example), access to mental health services without having to leave their homes. 

  2. Online therapy is also accessible to those who live remotely and in rural areas. Being able to access a therapist from a computer or a phone makes therapy available in areas where it otherwise might not be and ensures clients won’t have to drive an hour or two to the therapist’s office.

  3. This type of therapy is also safe, easy, and comfortable. Skip the commute, the traffic, the awkward waiting room, and the uncomfortable couches. Be comfortable in your own space and you may feel yourself opening up more easily. 

  4. Do you have a busy schedule? Online therapy may be an excellent alternative for you. It offers flexibility, allowing clients to book an appointment on their lunch break, from their office, or late in the evening after a work dinner. Also, with online therapy, you won’t have to reschedule because of a work trip or vacation allowing you to focus both on your work and on your personal health from remote locations. 

  5. E-therapy also removes the stigma of traditional therapy and can serve as a gateway to in-person therapy for patients who require more intensive care but are reluctant to take that first step. Seeing an online therapist from your own home can be much more comfortable for a first time client than entering a therapist’s office. 

  6. Online therapy is user-friendly for younger generations who are used to doing everything online. Students and young professionals alike may feel much more inclined to see an online therapist because they are so used to using computers and technology.

  7. It’s convenient! There will be no need to cancel or reschedule an appointment due to illness, weather conditions, or traffic. Online therapy, California is an excellent resource for those who are tired of rescheduling appointments and not making the progress they want to see.

  8. Privacy, privacy, privacy. Afraid of running into a friend or colleague in the parking lot or waiting room of your therapist’s office building? With e-therapy, you eliminate all chances of an unwelcome encounter or conversation. 

  9. Are you a new mom who feels you could benefit from therapy but just can’t find the time or energy to make and keep an appointment? E-therapy may be a great fit for you. With online therapy, you can easily schedule an appointment around your child’s naptime or play date, and you won’t have to worry about paying for parking or finding childcare.

  10. College students might just love online therapy. College can be a stressful time in one’s life, which is always an excellent reason to see a therapist. E-therapy is convenient for students with busy schedules who don’t want to leave campus, don’t have transportation, or don’t want to be seen entering the mental health center by their friends and fellow students. 

If you live in California, you can participate in online counseling with a Licensed Therapist.  We also specialize in online couples counseling using the Gottman Method of Therapy. 

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