I was very pleased to be one of the featured experts in a “Best Marriage Advice by 75 Experts for a Rock Solid Relationship” article on Marriage.com

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“Every marriage has a share of highs and lows. While there is no trouble getting through the blissful moments, overcoming marital problems is rather challenging. For a successful marriage, what’s important is to understand how to navigate through those problems and learning to resolve them. Letting your marital issues fester can wreak havoc on your relationship.”

“All couples go through tough phases, entailing intricate and tedious problems. No matter how long you have been married, getting through them doesn’t get any easier. “

My advice on marriage is #50:

Drop that defense! Own your part in conflicts

Remember to continue to be curious about your partner. Seek to understand their perspective before you get defensive. Own your part in misunderstandings, work hard to communicate your thoughts and feelings, dreams and interests, and find ways to connect in little ways daily. Remember you are love partners, not enemies. Be a safe place emotionally and look for the good in each other.

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Nancy Ryan, LMFT

Nancy Ryan, LMFT

Nancy Ryan, LMFT specializes in working with individuals and couples who want deep, satisfying relationships with themselves and their partners. She works with couples who are ready to stop the destructive patterns and want to build the love, friendship and romance back into their partnership.