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Nancy Ryan

Relationship Therapy Center offers Nancy Ryan, LMFT providing counseling in the greater Sacramento area, including Roseville, CA and Fair Oaks, CA

Nancy Ryan, M.A., LMFT #83937


Many people suffer unnecessarily from uncertainty, insecurities, and low self-esteem. People struggle in their relationships because they don’t know what they don’t know. Therapy, with the right therapist, can be empowering, transformative and life-changing.  You can learn to connect with your authentic self, see issues in a different light, and nurture the skills you need to work through uncomfortable feelings and fears. I believe that each person has unique strengths and resources within themselves. And, I consider it an honor to encourage people to access those strengths and find fulfillment, contentment, and self-love. It is truly amazing to help people make positive changes in their lives. You will find an empathetic, good listener who will help you discover what is true for you and also provide you with new tools to practice so that you can thrive.

I have always been a very sensitive soul and Intuitive thinking has always been one of my core strengths. I’m able to hear what a person is really saying even if he or she lacks the words to articulate their hopes or fears.  I moved many times in my childhood so have been able to experience and understand many different types of people.  Through those experiences of learning to fit in, I also became aware of all the ways that I lost my core self in trying to be who I thought people wanted me to be.  Personal therapy  made a huge impact in my life and it feels wonderful to give back in my work today.

I feel extremely lucky to work in a career that I love, but I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t gone through my own experiences and change. Learning to identify, understand, and work with my own emotions was a huge development for me.  I learned ways to have self-compassion, to take care of myself in ways that are loving, to be assertive with people, to be vulnerable with the right people in safe situations, and build deep and fulfilling relationships. In sessions, I help clients practice the same skills that have helped me live a happier, more balanced life.

I specialize in working with individuals and couples who want deep, satisfying relationships with themselves and their partners.  Whether you come alone or with your partner, relationships can shift into being more supportive, nurturing and loving by making small changes.  It is such a pleasure for me to work with couples who are ready to stop the destructive patterns and want to build the love, friendship and romance back into their partnership.  Both individuals can know that the relationship is my client and that I work to help you hear and understand each other and support both partners. I am trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy at Level 3 on my way to becoming certified.

Beyond my expertise in couples counseling, I work with people who desire satisfaction in their lives, careers, or their own personal journeys. I believe that as you uncover and understand your core self, you can learn true self-compassion and self-love.  When you love yourself, you make choices that honor yourself and can move you towards your desires and goals.


In my free time, I enjoy working out, playing volleyball, and being at the horse ranch with my family.
I have a core group of wonderful friends who I meet with regularly and go on a couple trips per year. Primarily, I find myself learning and seeking out knowledge by reading, taking classes and seminars.  I have two daughters and two grandsons who I love to spend time with. 

If you are ready to begin a journey toward a fulfilling life, I believe you have the ability to get there. You have the skills and strengths inside of you already, and I can help you find them, nurture them, and put them to use. I invite you to give me a call at 916-426-2757


I have a very limited availability for new clients as I am the Director of Relationship Therapy Center and am busy mentoring all of our therapists!