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Lori Hunter

Relationship Therapy Center offers Lori Hunter, LMFT for couples, coparenting, divorce counseling, individual counseling in the Greater Sacramento area, including Roseville and Fair Oaks, CA

Lori Hunter, LMFT #101029


Did the feeling you have for your spouse fizzle out?   Do you feel like you want to throw in the towel? Wondering if there is any hope for your marriage?  

If your relationship creates a deep pain in your heart or a nagging pain in your stomach, it’s time to learn new ways to regain that spark and fill your heart with joy again. Relationships can be challenging, especially thru life transitions such as having children and again when you have an empty nest.  It can be helpful to seek support.  It can be difficult to find the right therapist who will help instill hope and guide you to a healthier relationship. I hope to be that person for you.  It’s my passion to help couples who want to be better connected and work through the everyday challenges of life.

If you have just gone through a difficult divorce and are looking to put the pieces back together, gain control of your life and find a new normal, working with a therapist can make that path a lot easier.  I specialize in couples in all stages but have had specific experience guiding couples who are divorcing do so with love and respect and uncouple in a way that honors both people and any children involved.

Are you noticing that your divorce and co-parenting situation is starting to affect your children? Maybe your divorce wasn’t an easy one and you actually don’t get along.  Do you dread the idea of even having to speak to your ex? I can help you both get on the same page and learn to compromise even if you still hate each other. I am a mother who has been through the process and have helped many families with co-parenting and all the other transitions in life that children face during a difficult time with family separation. 

Children, Adolescents and Teens are also a focus of mine as I have worked with this population for a long time now (including a full time job only dealing with children and teens) and I especially relate to them. If you have gone through a divorce, kids and teens can be really affected and I love helping them before they get off track by learning new coping skills, processing tough emotions, and helping them have a voice. Whatever struggles, fears, anxieties they might have; I have skills and tools to help them.

I have always been a person with a big heart that wanted to give my all to everyone unconditionally.  I gave 100% in my marriage not realizing I was only getting 20% in return.  Through my own personal experience with therapy I learned what a healthy loving relationship should look and feel like.  It was important for my children that I model what a healthy relationship looks like and as a family we grew and learned together.  I feel extremely lucky to have a real-life experience to draw from when I am assisting my clients find their way through their relationships.  I truly love to work with people and watch the transformation as they grow through their experience with therapy.  I feel my experiences enhanced me as a person and made me stronger and I would like to assist others to learn how to put the pieces back together and become stronger.

Before my career transition I spent 20 years’ experience in the corporate world as a professional and now I have 9 years’ of experience with counseling couples, families and individuals.   I adjust my approach to what best fits my clients' personalities and needs. My specialties include working with families, co-parenting and those high conflict couples struggling with relationships. I help couples build intimacy, teaching effective emotional processing techniques that directly improve thoughts and behaviors. I guide people to find their own solutions not "fix" them. "To teach a man to fish" is much more helpful than "giving him a fish".  I have completed Gottman Method Couple Therapy Level 2.