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Jennifer Hastings

Relationship Therapy Center offers Jennifer Hastings, AMFT to our Roseville, CA and Fair Oaks, CA location. She specializes in couples, families and individuals with anxiety and depression.

Jennifer Hastings, AMFT #101224

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist supervised by Jennifer Hagar, LMFT

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You’re here looking for help….congrats you took the first step.  Whatever you are going through, I can help. Choosing a therapist that works for you is important.  I hope I am a fit for you because even though I don’t even know you yet…..I am on your side. I hope you take the next step and call for or book an appointment.

I too was looking for help one day.   My journey looked something like me going to therapy, being present in outside therapy groups and working toward becoming a whole person. The definition that I came up with for “whole person,” knowing your likes and dislikes, exercising your options, choices, boundaries and lastly knowing limitations. Sounds simple when written down. But it was hard work and I had professionals help me get there.

As growth and self-awareness grew my life became better.  That’s when I decided to become a therapist and help others just as I was helped.  Now years later, I can help others achieve true happiness not only from personal experience but also as a psychotherapist.

I can help guide you through your own challenges. If you struggle with anxiety or depression, family issues including teens and children, are a couple struggling to stay connected or an individual looking to find growth, awareness and in search of becoming your own “whole person”……I can walk with you to a place of happiness, peace, manageability and taking care of yourself. You will appreciate my sense of creativity in getting you to your goals and a light heartedness to tough situations.

I go by the pronouns her/she and I am an ally to the LGBTQ community and committed to be a support for individuals who are part of the community or those with family/friends in the LGBTQ community. I am committed to encouraging an understanding of the LGBTQ community and share that as a guest speaker at Sac State. Also, I work with individuals that are questioning, having relationship challenges and or preparing themselves to be the best partner they can be.

Through traveling and working closely with individuals in the Asian population, I can offer the sensitivity and understanding that affect these communities. I have worked closely with individuals from Asian communities such as Vietnamese, Hmong, Mien, Chinese, Korean, and Laos to name a few. Whether in a relationship or as an individual; lifestyle, cultural background or race can have an impact on "who," you are as a person and how you make decisions. My experience while working among the Asian community/working for the Asian community has opened my eyes and heart. I feel I can serve and be an ally because of my first-hand experiences.

Counseling with me is having a team approach whether you are seeking individual, family or couples counseling.  I work with a mentor in Nancy Ryan, LMFT and am being supervised by Jennifer Hagar, LMFT.  Whatever we face together, I will be ready to support and guide you. I have my master’s degree completed in counseling and am gaining hours towards the 3000 total needed for licensure.

Level 1 trained in EMDR, I also use Cognitive Behavior Therapy and am being trained in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. I also have experience working teens with ADHD and Austism.

Don’t wait any longer, I look forward to helping you.