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Jennifer Hagar

Relationship Therapy Center offers Jennifer Hagar, LMFT to our Roseville, CA location. She specializes in couples, coparenting, and individuals with anxiety and depression.

Jennifer Hagar, LMFT #93697


Are you experiencing relationship problems - such as ongoing conflict, trust issues, or feeling distant?  If you are, there is help and hope.  Through a process of improving your communication, learning how to have productive conflict resolution, rebuilding trust, and  improving the friendship and connection in your partnership; you can have a close, loving relationship. I am currently in Level 2 Gottman Method Couples Training.

For couples, I will guide you through the challenges you face during various life transitions; a betrayal in the relationship, the challenges of having a blended family, going through a divorce and coparenting, as well as difficulties in getting on the same page. Not only will you get an attentive listener and a supportive environment through out the healing process, you will walk away with tools that you can use.  Both people will feel heard and understood by each other as well as by me.

For individuals facing difficulties with anxiety, depression, grief, substance abuse; I can help you get to the other side with compassion, understanding, solutions and hope.  

After experiencing the loss of several close family members as a child and teenager, I started seeing a therapist to help process my grief and developed an interest in the therapeutic process as a result of my positive experience with her.  About 10 years later I started therapy again for relationship issues and ended up deciding to pursue a career in the mental health field because the year I spent going to weekly therapy sessions improved my quality of life so significantly.

My own experiences shaped my style as a therapist because I learned how valuable the connection formed through the therapeutic relationship can be. I am direct, yet compassionate and my clients know that I can be counted on to respond genuinely and allow them to feel understood.

I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family and my two pugs, Ruby and Scarlett.  I love going to sporting events, especially when my kids are playing, and being anywhere near water during the summer months.