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Therapy Blog for Counseling in Sacramento - Relationship Therapy Center

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Relationship Counseling- Party of One

Nancy Ryan

When standing next to your partner feels lonelier than standing by yourself.

Your relationship is on a drastic downward slide.  The signs are everywhere. Lack of communication. Loss of interest in sex.  No physical interactions. Loneliness. Confusion. Questions with no answers. Angry words.  Or worse, no words at all.

You have tried relationship counseling, but your partner does not show up, puts little to no effort forth and has seemingly moved on.  That is when you know your reality. Acknowledging the your epiphany that you have always known but are finally ready to see. The only thing that you can change is how you interact and react with your partner.  The only thing you can control in your relationship, is you.

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All You Need is Love

Nancy Ryan

No matter what your job entails, making time for one another is essential to maintaining your relationship.

For some women and men who own their own business or are in the upper echelon of a company, we are busy.  Seemingly all of the time. And then some. We want to succeed in our jobs, support our family and ourselves, get to school events, networking events, family events.  Oh, and yourself. We try not to forget a single thing. Is business going well? Check. Maintaining a position that has been worked for? Check. Meeting expectations for your family as a whole? Check.  And the list goes on. But there is a nagging feeling, that feeling that you get on the ride to your office or as you are firing up your computer to start your day. Suddenly, in the middle of a meeting with your associates or meeting with a new client at a networking event, it hits you.  Square in the jaw. Right in the pit of your stomach. You realize that there are two things that you are forgetting to put your energy into. Your marriage and your spouse.

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