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Therapy Blog for Counseling in Sacramento - Relationship Therapy Center

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Fighting Back from Infidelity

Nancy Ryan

If you find that infidelity has- or is- affecting your marriage, seeking a therapist and couples therapy is where the repairation can begin.

Picture this.  White brides dress and tuxedo of the groom, perfectly altered.  The colors of the bridal party dresses and groomsmen tuxedos perfectly accented by colors of the flowers in bouquets and corsages, alike.  The countless hours spent picking the perfect venue, invitations, music, food and guest list have all pulled together, perfectly. The day is here.  Your wedding day. You are ready to say, I do, to a life you have envisioned with your spouse. Bells are ringing in perfect sync and your future is bright.  But what happens after this picture-perfect day? You may be ready to handle any curve balls thrown your way, batting them out of the park together. As a couple.  As one. But what happens if your happily ever after is met with infidelity? Wait. You didn’t sign up for this. What if your perfect plan turns out to be less than perfect?  With a divorce rate at an all-time high with infidelity being the reported main cause, how do you avoid being a part of the higher percentage? Can you recover from your spouses infidelity?   Is this marriage worth trying to save?  If the answer is a resilient, yes, seeking couples therapy is the best place to begin.

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Surviving Infidelity- Tips to repair your relationship

Nancy Ryan

Infidelity seems to be on the rise. According to researchers, the number of people who cheat has increased more than 40 percent since 1990.

An affair can quickly spell the end of an even seemingly happy marriage. However, an affair does not have to result in a divorce. Relationship therapists agree that it is possible to save a marriage after an affair. If both partners are willing to put in the hard work, there is hope for the couple. Here are some tips for surviving infidelity.

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